Celebrating the Opening of Boston Public Market

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This first-of-its-kind, all locally sourced market was brought about with the help of CLF’s Legal Services Food Hub The grand opening of the Boston Public Market today included beautiful displays of plump summer fruits and glistening freshly caught seafood, but that’s not what caught my eye. My focus was drawn to the various stall arrangements for the more than 40 food vendors occupying the market. Some stalls were small with mini-kitchen set-ups. Others were large with refrigerators and full-size ovens, requiring ventilation and electrical outlets. With such a variety of vendor needs, the Public Market had to negotiate separate lease agreements with each vendor. And thanks to Conservation Law Foundation’s Legal Services Food Hub, the Market had access to free legal assistance for all of those leases! Launched in 2014, CLF’s Legal read more…

Getting on board with offshore wind – a reality in Rhode Island

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I am proud to announce that construction on the nation’s first offshore wind farm is officially underway in Rhode Island! Today, incoming Conservation Law Foundation President Bradley Campbell and I have the honor to be a part of history in the making. We’re going to be boarding a ferry out to the Deepwater Wind project site with United States Department of Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, the Director for the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Abigail Ross Hopper, our congressional delegation, Rhode Island state and local leaders, and many of our environmental colleagues. Together, we will be celebrating a landmark project years in the making and the ocean management plan that made it possible. read more..

This Week on TalkingFish.org – July 20-24

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July 20 – The Atlantic Wolffish-Anitfreeze Included – Atlantic wolffish are voracious predators, feeding on mollusks, crustaceans, and echinoderms (think urchins and sea stars). So voracious, in fact, that they serve as keystone species in North Atlantic food webs because they help limit populations of sea urchins and green crabs. Fish Feature, cross-post by Talking Fish. July 21 – Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Cod – Fishermen claim that Gulf of Maine cod stock populations are high, and fishery managers recently reopened additional closed areas around Cape Ann in May and June where cod seem to linger after spawning. Yet, nearly three months into the 2015 fishing year, the amount of cod reported as caught is as low as 13% of the ACL. What can explain this mystery? New England Fisheries, read more…

Explaining The Central Landfill Part 1: Why it Matters

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Central Landfill has been allowed to pollute our local air for so long that it’s simply become the norm for too many of the people living in its shadow. The gases the landfill emits are not only bad for the physical health of its immediate neighbors, however. On a broad scale, fugitive emissions like the kind generated by the landfill contribute to global warming, which means they have real and lasting effects for people everywhere. read more..

Governor Baker’s Rollback on Environmental Progress

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E.O. 562 orders state-level executive agencies to conduct a comprehensive review of all Massachusetts regulations to ensure that they are clear, uncomplicated and efficient, in an attempt to preserve our competitive edge for business. That sounds like a completely logical and worthy effort. But the order goes too far, proscribing Massachusetts regulations that are more stringent than the relevant federal standards. read more..

Paving Farmland? No Thanks!

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Massive over-development of valuable farmland at a rural highway exit in Vermont just doesn’t make sense. read more..

CLF Files Merits Brief in U.S. Supreme Court in EPSA Case

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On July 16, 2015, CLF, together with several national environmental groups , filed an amicus curiæ brief in the United States Supreme Court in the currently pending Electric Power Supply Association (EPSA) case. Our just-filed Supreme Court brief properly emphasizes the environmental benefits of demand response. read more..

Experts Weigh In: Maine Doesn’t Need New Gas Pipelines

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This week consultants hired by the Maine Public Utilities Commission (PUC) concluded that Maine should not enter into contracts to purchase gas pipeline capacity because the costs of doing so would outweigh the benefits to Mainers. In many ways, this was a foregone conclusion – one that CLF predicted nearly a year ago and that the PUC itself (unofficially) reached before soliciting proposals from pipeline companies and spending taxpayer dollars on a lengthy consultant’s report. It’s a cautionary tale not just for Maine but for all of New England as the region weighs its energy future – and decides whether it will overinvest in natural gas or blaze a trail based on cleaner, renewable resources. read more..

This Week on TalkingFish.org – July 13-17

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Jul 13 – The Basking Shark, A Modern Marine Mystery – Basking sharks are a common sight in our waters. Dr. Jon Witman from Brown University has spotted the sharks at Cashes Ledge, and there have already been reports this year of sightings off the coasts of Massachusetts and Maine. Fish Feature, cross-post by Talking Fish. Jul 15 – Phase 2: Federal Disaster Aid for MA Ground Fishermen – In the second phase of the larger $32.8-million federal disaster aid package for New England ground fishermen, Massachusetts has developed a plan for distributing $3 million to crew members and other individuals in the commercial groundfish industry. New England Fisheries, By Angela Warner. July 16 – U.S. Ocean Fishing Law Forged by Cold War Politics – The United States rightfully boasts many of the best-managed read more…

Lekkere (Tasty) Victory voor de Planet

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Through the Urgenda Foundation, some 900 citizens took time away from eating stroopwafels, riding bikes, and trying to convince us that wooden shoes are comfortable, to fight the Dutch Government in a landmark case stating that the government had not done enough to protect its citizens from climate change. read more..

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