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CLF Press Releases and News Clips

Press Releases
Local Coalition Challenges MBTA Over Civil Rights Violation

“For thousands of people across Boston working double shifts at low-wage jobs, a late-night train or bus is the difference between earning a paycheck and coming up short,” said Rafael Mares, Vice President and Director of CLF’s Healthy Communities and Environmental Justice program. “When the MBTA eliminated this service, it did so without regard for the letter of the law or the livelihood of those who need it most. Now we have an opportunity to compel the MBTA to do what it should have done months ago – own up to its rash and reckless decision and consider sufficient and equitable alternatives.”

Press Releases
CLF Takes on Maine Public Utilities Commission in Highest Court

“From saddling Mainers with a one billion dollar bill for a wasteful gas pipeline to approving this unlawful plan, the Public Utilities Commission has failed Mainers time and time again,” said Ben Tettlebaum, Staff Attorney, Conservation Law Foundation. “It’s the PUC’s duty to work for the best interests of the people of Maine, not the self-interest of Governor LePage.”

News Clips Alex Kuffner, Providence Journal
PUC To Hear Testimony This Week On Proposed Burrillville Power Plant

… But the Conservation Law Foundation says that solar power and energy efficiency can cover the region’s projected needs in the future and that Invenergy’s cost analysis grossly overestimates its benefits. The environmental group says the savings could be closer to zero. “[Invenergy] is making an assumption, unsupported by any evidence and highly improbable at…

News Clips Maine Beacon
The Risky Natural Gas Pipeline Mainers Don’t Know They’re On The Hook For

… Conservation Law Foundation attorney Ben Tettlebaum joins the Beacon podcast this week to discuss the decision by the members of the Maine Public Utilities Commission to ignore the recommendations of their own staff and potentially allow fossil fuel companies to bankroll a new, risky gas pipeline with public funds. “The fossil fuel industry hoodwinked the PUC…

News Clips Renee Wunderlich, WPTZ
Environmental Activists Mourn Lake Champlain

… At first glance, it may have looked like a rally or a protest, but those part of Thursday night’s event said the demonstration serves as a vigil for Lake Champlain. “A lot of people are very frustrated and they’re concerned,” said Rebekah Weber, Lake Keeper, Conservation Law Foundation. Read more here…

News Clips Mike Polhamus, The Berkshire Eagle
Vermont Gas Unfazed By Latest Obstacles

… Attorneys who have represented opponents in years-long litigation associated with the pipeline say this represents a pattern of behavior. Sandra Levine, a senior attorney with the Conservation Law Foundation, said the company could have avoided destruction of the endangered plants if it had conducted a proper evaluation of the construction site ahead of time.…

News Clips Susan Sharon, Maine Public Broadcasting
Maine Regulators Approve Natural Gas Pipeline Expansion, Rejecting Staff Recommendation

… That’s because the Conservation Law Foundation has argued that the state doesn’t have legislation authorizing one. “If Massachusetts cannot move forward than that presents a substantial obstacle to Maine actually going forward with the contract because they constitute a significant portion of the load in the region,” Tettlebaum says. Read more here…

News Clips Nicole Dungca, The Boston Globe
A Long Way To Go For MBTA Board

… “While a lot is happening, it’s a mixed bag in terms of accomplishment,” said Rafael Mares, a vice president at the Conservation Law Foundation. “There’s still a lot of work to be done.” Still, Mares and other transit watchers say the board deserves more time to prove it can bring change to the 6,500-worker…

Press Releases
Maine Approves Scheme Allowing Big Gas to Gamble Public’s Money

“Today, the fossil fuel industry hoodwinked the PUC into gambling one billion dollars of Mainers’ hard-earned money on a massive new gas pipeline,” said CLF attorney Ben Tettlebaum. “From Day One, this LePage-appointed commission has been desperate to find any way to justify overwhelming concessions for Big Gas, no matter the cost. From helping kill the solar bill, to reopening wind contracts, to squashing energy efficiency programs and more, these commissioners have exhibited a troubling pattern of failed leadership, regressive policies and unlawful behavior, and today’s decision is no exception.”

Press Releases
CLF Announces Historic Settlement on Johnston Landfill

“Landfills produce gases that must be controlled in order to avoid risks to the health and wellbeing of surrounding communities,” said CLF attorney Max Greene. “Today’s agreement goes a long way toward enhancing gas generation and collection at Central Landfill in Johnston. By harnessing the gas for electricity generation and preventing it from escaping into the atmosphere, we protect our neighborhoods for generations to come.”

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