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CLF Press Releases and News Clips

Press Releases
President Obama Creates First Marine National Monument off Atlantic Coast

“Today, more than a century after Teddy Roosevelt began a legacy of protecting America’s special places, President Obama has taken the baton and carried it to new heights,” said CLF president Bradley Campbell. “From valleys deeper than the Grand Canyon, to peaks as high as Mount Washington, to the hundreds of diverse and endangered species that call this place home, the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts is the embodiment of a treasure worthy of such permanent protection.”

Press Releases
CLF Takes on Rampant Water Pollution at Pease International

Zak Griefen, CLF’s Environmental Enforcement Litigator, commented, “Stormwater runoff is one of the greatest threats to Great Bay and our seacoast communities, yet the Pease Development Authority has gone unchecked while pouring toxic chemicals into these already-endangered waters. That stops today. When anyone threatens the health of water, our wildlife and our people, they must be forced to answer for that neglect.”

Press Releases
CLF Announces Plans for National Expansion of Legal Food Hub

“Small-scale farms and food businesses are indispensable to a just, healthy and economically vibrant region,” said Jenny Rushlow, Director of CLF’s Farm and Food Initiative. “Unfortunately, like every small business, they have legal needs that too often go unaddressed because of the cost. We started the Legal Food Hub to relieve that cost burden and help grow local, sustainable food systems, and we’re proud of the inroads we’ve made over the past two years. Still, we know that farmers and food entrepreneurs all around the country face many of the same challenges as those here in New England, and we look forward to replicating the success of this program.”

Press Releases
CLF Applauds Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument Designation

“Not only will this new national monument preserve one of our state’s most magnificent river and forest habitats, but it also will provide a much-needed economic boost to the Katahdin region,” said Sean Mahoney, Director of CLF’s Maine Advocacy Center. “Since Teddy Roosevelt, presidents of both parties have declared over one hundred special places on land and water to be worthy of such permanent protection, and it is inspiring to see President Obama embracing this tradition. Still, the president has an opportunity to seal his legacy as a protector of our nation’s unique natural resources by adding the Coral Canyons and Seamounts to America’s list of national monuments.”

Press Releases
Massachusetts’ Highest Court Rejects Public Subsidies for Fossil Fuels

“This is an incredibly important and timely decision,” said David Ismay, CLF’s lead attorney on the case. “Today our highest court affirmed Massachusetts’ commitment to an open energy future by rejecting the Baker Administration’s attempt to subsidize the dying fossil fuel industry. The course of our economy and our energy markets runs counter to the will of multi-billion dollar pipeline companies, and, thanks to today’s decision, the government will no longer be able to unfairly and unlawfully tip the scales.”

News Clips Andy Tomolons, New Bedford Standard-Times
Report: New Bedford Needs Aggressive Action To Remedy Pollution In Low-Income Neighborhoods

… The city of New Bedford needs to take “aggressive action” to deal with “rampant contamination in low-income neighborhoods,” according to the Conservation Law Foundation. A new CLF report, “New Bedford Massachusetts Environmental Justice in the Twenty-First Century,” notes that the city is a national leader in renewable energy, is working to clean up hazardous…

Press Releases
New Study Highlights Public Health Risks Facing New Bedford

“When a single community has two public schools, and over 500 other sites, that are known to contain hazardous toxins, there can be no doubt that aggressive action must be taken to protect public health and safety,” said Veronica Eady, CLF Vice President and Massachusetts Director. “That’s the situation facing New Bedford, where abundant pollution and a sluggish economy continue to fuel one another. This vicious cycle is particularly troubling for low-income residents and people of color, whose neighborhoods have been disproportionately plagued by these serious public health issues.”

News Clips Sean Mahoney for the Portland Press Herald
Maine Voices: PUC, LePage Spurn Consumers While Granting Gas Industry’s Pipe Dream

… What has happened to the Maine Public Utilities Commission? It used to be a respite from politics, relying on a strong staff, expert opinion and transparent analysis to guide Maine’s energy policy. But recent decisions show that our current PUC has little regard for its staff or the opinions of the expert consultants it…

News Clips Phil McKenna, InsideClimate News
Wind Takes Center Stage in Vermont Governor’s Race

… The results show strong support for renewable energy development in the state and “not taking any particular technology off the table,” said Sandy Levine of the Conservation Law Foundation. Vermont has already built three large wind farms and permitted a fourth. In doing so, the state has come up with “very successful mitigation plans”…

News Clips Jon Chesto, The Boston Globe
Environmental Group Takes On Proposed Seaport Tower

… But the Conservation Law Foundation represents a formidable foe, given its platoon of attorneys and the ease in which it can engage in a legal war. “This is a sweetheart deal for one developer,” said Bradley Campbell, the organization’s president. “We think this is a very dangerous precedent. . . . If this project…

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