Energy Safety and Security

CLF envisions a clean energy future for New England. To realize its vision, CLF supports energy policy that promotes the development of clean, renewable resources, including energy efficiency, wind, solar, and sustainable biomass.

At the same time, CLF is working to reduce harm to the environment, public health, and the economy from the region’s aging power plants: obsolete coal- and oil-burning facilities as well as nuclear power plants like Vermont Yankee. CLF is also working to block new facilities that propose using potentially harmful technologies masquerading as clean energy, such as burning construction and demolition debris, as well as those that perpetuate our region’s dependence on dirty fossil fuels, like LNG terminals.

Every year, New England sends hundreds of millions of dollars out of the region to buy coal, oil, and natural gas from domestic and foreign sources. We import these finite fuels to run a fleet of polluting power plants, many of which are more than 50 years old. These relict generators are out of step with current technology and often operate in violation of existing environmental laws. This entrenched approach to electric power generation is hurting our regional economy and taking a real toll on public health.

CLF believes that we can meet our energy needs in ways that are better for New Englanders, both environmentally and economically. By pursuing forward-thinking solutions that create value for the region, rather than perpetuating old systems that drain resources and inflict harm here and elsewhere, CLF hopes to provide a better future for New England and a model for the nation.