CLF Ventures

CLF Ventures works with corporate, government and nonprofit clients to implement projects that have demonstrable environmental gain and economic advantage. Projects focus on all areas of the business life-cycle, from conception to completion and anywhere in between.


The Conservation Law Foundation started CLF Ventures in 1997. At that time, CLF recognized that the challenges facing the environment could not be overcome through litigation and advocacy tools alone. To foster creative, client-centered environmental solutions, CLF launched CLF Ventures (CLFV).

Originally operating as an experiment that seized opportunities as they arose, CLFV has evolved to become a well-defined and purposeful organization. Its staff has developed a unique set of capabilities that, in combination with our environmental reputation, lend distinct value to our clients. CLF Ventures gives CLF the chance to say “YES” to ground-breaking, market-based efforts to protect the environment.

Since its inception, CLF Ventures has developed a reputation for advancing pragmatic solutions to complex environmental problems. It has also worked with clients to build new markets for environmentally friendly projects and products throughout New England.

CLFV works to bring market forces into alignment with the social and environmental values of CLF. Whether through new or existing business entities, CLFV helps to bring about lasting social, environmental, and economic success.

CLFV helps clients navigate the rapidly changing context in which they operate.  This strengthens the ability of organizations to identify and manage emerging issues—both risks and opportunities—by helping to align their activities and their stakeholders’ expectations. The CLFV team can deliver strategic value to clients through its unique combination of environmental expertise, business acumen, and policy, regulatory, and stakeholder knowledge.

CLFV also develops innovative new models for sustainable business initiatives, develops funds with triple-bottom line benefits, and assists companies seeking access to green markets.