Protecting Special Places

New England’s ocean – including the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank – is one of the most biologically diverse and productive oceans in the world. CLF has long studied the integral connection between our ocean habitat, its abundance of wildlife, and the health of New England’s fisheries and coastal communities. Preserving the integrity of that habitat is a key component of CLF’s ocean conservation program.

Several special places – also known as important ecological areas – in New England’s ocean are incredibly rich in ocean wildlife, key to the maintenance of productive fish stocks. They boast unusual geological features, such as deep canyons, that make them refuges for rare, threatened, or endangered species. In accordance with the latest scientific research, CLF is focused on preserving six special places recommended for protection by Gulf of Maine ecosystem experts: Cashes Ledge, Jeffreys Ledge, Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, Jordan Basin, Deep Sea Canyons, and Seamounts. These special places are outstanding examples of the unique attributes of New England’s ocean and, as irreplaceable resources, are the highest priority for CLF’s marine habitat protection efforts.

Priscilla Brooks, Director, Ocean Conservation