Take Action

Conservation Law Foundation has a dedicated staff of professionals whose job is to protect New England’s environment. However, we know that we can’t do it all on our own. In addition to becoming a member of CLF by making a donation, we invite you to participate in one of our periodic initiatives; these range from volunteer opportunities to internships at our offices to filling out petitions or serving as an in-court witness.

This is our New England — we need to come together to protect it.

Promote Electric Vehicles in Your State

Climate change poses a dire threat to the entire world. But new technologies do exist to reduce greenhouse emissions – technologies that we can start adopting now in our own households, communities, and states. Electric vehicles are a prime example.

If more households switched to driving electric cars, we would have a better environmental future – and significant economic benefits too! Contact your governor today and ask them to take action to promote electric vehicles in your state.

We Need a Plan: Support Climate Change Adaptation in Massachusetts

With climate change upon us, Massachusetts is vulnerable to extreme weather events that threaten public health and safety, the economy, and our national resources. We face the possibility of extreme heat, coastal and inland flooding, and more severe winter storms. Our state needs a comprehensive plan to respond and adapt in the face of climate change.

Tell Rep. Brian S. Dempsey, who chairs the House Committee on Ways and Means, to support legislation to establish a climate change adaptation plan in our state.

Tell Governor Baker: Public Transportation Should be Affordable and Reliable

Soon, Gov. Baker’s MBTA Control Board will recommend ways to tackle the MBTA’s financial problems. Unfortunately, they are considering increasing fares while cutting public transportation routes and hours. The challenges at the MBTA stem from years of underfunding and neglect, and they do need to be addressed. But making public transportation run less and cost more is not the answer!

Sign our petition to Gov. Baker and his Control Board. Tell them that Massachusetts residents deserve a public transportation system that is affordable and reliable.

Help Protect Cashes Ledge. Take Action Today!

Cashes Ledge is one of New England’s most remarkable undersea treasures: a 25-mile long underwater mountain range 80 miles off the coasts of Maine and Massachusetts. Cashes Ledge harbors the largest and deepest cold water kelp forest on the eastern seaboard and a vast array of ocean wildlife, from North Atlantic right whales, Atlantic wolffish, and blue sharks to fields of anemones and sponges. It’s also vital nursery habitat for commercially important groundfish such as Atlantic cod.

As a protected habitat, Cashes Ledge serves as a vital refuge for rare, diverse, and recovering species. Take action today in support of permanent protection for Cashes Ledge.

End the Mystery: Support Fuel-Tracking Legislation in Massachusetts

When drivers go to a gas station in Massachusetts, it shouldn’t be a mystery as to what the gasoline coming out of the pump contains, or how much that gasoline contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

Contact Sen. Anne Gobi and Rep. Paul Schmid. Ask them to support legislation to help track emissions from fuel in Massachusetts.

Act Now to Protect Vermont Farmland!

Massive over-development of farmland threatens Vermont’s environment and communities. Send a letter to Governor Shumlin, Agency officials and your legislator opposing the destruction of valuable farmland for poorly-planned development.