Take Action

Conservation Law Foundation has a dedicated staff of professionals whose job is to protect New England’s environment. However, we know that we can’t do it all on our own. In addition to becoming a member of CLF by making a donation, we invite you to participate in one of our periodic initiatives; these range from volunteer opportunities to internships at our offices to filling out petitions or serving as an in-court witness.

This is our New England — we need to come together to protect it.

New Hampshire:

Thank Lawmakers for Protecting Children

Thanks to the passage of a major law to prevent lead poisoning in New Hampshire, our state’s children will be better protected from lead poisoning! This new legislation will ensure that far more kids are tested for lead poisoning, so problems are caught and treated early. It also will ensure that parents of poisoned children, as well as landlords, are provided critical information to prevent exposures. And the new law establishes a state commission to explore new approaches to prevent lead poisoning from happening in the first place.

CLF is collecting comments from supporters in New Hampshire thanking these legislators. Please take a moment to write a comment and let public officials know that you appreciate their efforts to protect New Hampshire children.


Oppose Big and Unpredictable MBTA Fare Hikes

Under current law, the MBTA is already allowed to raise fares by 5% every other year. This structured approach to fare increases protects Massachusetts residents by making fares more affordable and predictable. It is also considered a best practice among other transit agencies across the country.

But Gov. Baker and others have proposed instead allowing the MBTA to raise fares at any time, which could lead to steep and unpredictable increases. There is transportation legislation now moving through the Massachusetts legislature and there’s a danger that language to remove the limits on fare increases could be added into this bill.

Removing those limits on fare increases would be an economic and environmental disaster.

Contact the Massachusetts House of Representatives right away and tell them not to allow steep and unpredictable MBTA fare hikes.


Thank Governor Shumlin for Protecting Lake Champlain

On Tuesday, June 16, CLF celebrated a milestone in our work to clean up Lake Champlain when Governor Peter Shumlin signed into law a landmark bill aimed at protecting Vermont’s precious waterways from toxic pollution.

Passing this bill was truly a community-wide effort, supported by environmental and industry leaders, farmers, and state senators and representatives. But it wouldn’t have happened without the efforts of Governor Shumlin himself, who declared his intention to clean up Lake Champlain in his State of the State address in January – and who has worked tirelessly since to see this bill through to passage.

Please join us in thanking Governor Shumlin for his leadership in cleaning up and protecting Vermont’s waterways. Signing this bill into law is just the first of many steps needed to put our waters on the road to recovery. We want Governor Shumlin to know how much we appreciate his work so far – and how needed his leadership will continue to be as this bill is put into practice.

Contact Gov. Shumlin today.