Take Action

Conservation Law Foundation has a dedicated staff of professionals whose job is to protect New England’s environment. However, we know that we can’t do it all on our own. In addition to becoming a member of CLF by making a donation, we invite you to participate in one of our periodic initiatives; these range from volunteer opportunities to internships at our offices to filling out petitions or serving as an in-court witness.

This is our New England — we need to come together to protect it.

Help Protect Cashes Ledge – Sign Our Letter!

Eighty miles off the coast of Portland, Maine lies one of New England’s most spectacular ecological treasures. Cashes Ledge, an underwater mountain range, supports some of the most diverse, dynamic, and productive habitat in the Gulf of Maine, including the largest and deepest kelp forest in the region and possibly in the North Atlantic. Because this area has been protected from bottom trawling for almost 15 years, the kelp forest and its related complex rocky bottom habitat harbors some of the largest and most productive fish in the region. Cashes Ledge is exactly the type of habitat scientists say we should protect if we are to ever restore the grossly depleted Atlantic cod. But now, Cashes Ledge is at immediate risk of being opened to destructive bottom trawling.

Cashes Ledge deserves protection. Please sign our petition asking NOAA to maintain protection for the entire Cashes Ledge area.

Keep Tar Sands out of Massachusetts and Vermont Gas Tanks

Tar sands are one of the most destructive fuels in use today. Tar sands fuels cause as much as 20% more carbon pollution than comparable fuels used for transportation, and their production is ecologically destructive on a large scale. Tar sands are strip-mined from areas such as Canada’s pristine boreal forest. This devastating mining process poisons the water with toxic chemicals and pollutes the air. Cancer rates are rising around the mining sites and in communities where the oil is refined.

Help keep tar sands out of Massachusetts.

Help keep tar sands out of Vermont.