Gordon Hall, III

Gordon fishing with his grandson in Maine

Gordon fishing with his grandson in Maine

Marblehead, MA
Donor Since 2000
CLF Member, Board of Trustees, CLF Ventures Advisory Board, Maine Advisory Board and Cabot Society Ambassador

“I support CLF because they really get things done. To me, it’s very impressive that so few people can accomplish so much armed simply with brains, the law and a lot of determination. This small, dedicated group can and does hold large corporations and powerful institutions accountable for irresponsible and damaging activities that can have negative impacts on our environment. So, they deserve all the help they can get.

“I decided to include CLF in my will because I wanted to make a bigger difference. There is only so much I can afford to donate on an annual basis. By including CLF in my will, I can have a greater impact on CLF’s work than I ever could with my annual gift.

“Passing on my passion for New England’s outdoors to my sons and grandchildren is one of my fondest accomplishments. I would like to leave our seacoast, rivers, mountains and woods in better condition than I found them so that my great-grandchildren can enjoy them. By supporting CLF’s work, I can help make that happen.

“I want my legacy to be an environmentally healthier New England. I take comfort in the fact that CLF will continue to be my voice for a cleaner and healthier environment into the future.”