Ashira Morris

Communications Associate CLF Massachusetts @ashiramorris

Ashira Morris is CLF’s Communications Associate. She updates New Englanders about the oceans, environmental justice, and clean water programs.

Before joining CLF, Ashira created a quarterly publication for a foundation focused on mental health in college students. She has also worked for MassINC, the PBS NewsHour, and the Center for American Progress. She holds bachelor’s degrees in journalism and French from the University of Florida.

Recent Posts

Five Actions to Save Atlantic Cod
Atlantic cod is in crisis. It’s been overfished for decades, despite federal law requiring our fishery managers to end overfishing and rebuild to healthy populations as quickly as possible. Management actions to date have not been successful. If we don’t take forceful action now, it will be close to impossible for cod to recover in…
Research from the Ground Up
For many people, research is done around us: A researcher comes into a community, collects data, and publishes a paper read by a handful of fellow academics. They rarely engage the research community about how the data collected is relevant to their lives or what to do with the findings. The Healthy Neighborhoods Study is…
How Your Voice Can Make a Difference
When a rare North Atlantic right whale swam up to Nahant’s shores in April of 2017, Viola Patek joined her neighbors on the beach to observe the massive creature. Nahant is essentially an island, connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. “It almost tipped over when everyone ran to see the whale,” Patek, who…
Five Questions with Zack Porter
You fell in love with Lake Champlain as a child – can you tell us about your earliest experiences on the lake? I grew up in Boston, and my grandparents lived on Lake Champlain. My earliest memories are of taking the ferry to visit them and keeping a lookout for Champ, the fabled lake monster.…


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