Ashira Morris

Communications Associate CLF Massachusetts @ashiramorris

Ashira Morris is CLF’s Communications Associate. She updates New Englanders about the oceans, environmental justice, and clean water programs.

Before joining CLF, Ashira created a quarterly publication for a foundation focused on mental health in college students. She has also worked for MassINC, the PBS NewsHour, and the Center for American Progress. She holds bachelor’s degrees in journalism and French from the University of Florida.

Recent Posts

Meet the Winners of CLF and Bow Seat’s Healthy Whale, Healthy Ocean Challenge
With fewer than 420 North Atlantic right whales remaining, we’re taking an all-hands-on-deck approach to saving this iconic species. That includes engaging young activists through creative projects like the Healthy Whale, Healthy Ocean Challenge, presented by CLF and Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs. The art contest invited K–12 students from the New England and Gulf…
Meet Jen Duggan
You grew up near Cancer Alley in Louisiana. How did that shape your view of environmental, health, and justice issues? I can still remember driving between my childhood home near New Orleans and Baton Rouge to visit family. This stretch of land along the Mississippi River is lined with dozens of industrial and chemical plants…
Meet Alyssa Rayman-Read
What drew you to social justice work? Social justice has been a guiding force since I was a kid. My mom was a professor and my dad a psychologist, both with deep roots in social change communities and grassroots organizing. We had intense dinner table conversations with graduate students, professors, activists, and us kids about…
WATCH: Right Whales on the Brink of Extinction
North Atlantic right whales are in crisis. Last year, we lost 17 whales out of a population of barely 460. If we don’t act now, this already-endangered species could go extinct in our lifetimes. CLF recently hosted a conversation with experts on right whales to discuss this crisis – and what can be done to…


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