Bethany Kwoka

Clean Energy Communications Associate CLF Massachusetts

Bethany Kwoka is the Clean Energy Communications Associate for Conservation Law Foundation. In this role she helps the Clean Energy and Climate Change program communicate the importance of clean energy initiatives across New England.

Before joining the team at CLF, Bethany was the Senior Editor and Blog Manager at a community-building organization, where she helped both young entrepreneurs and established professionals build their brands through online content. Previously, she worked as a copywriter, publicist and podcast creator in business-to-business PR. Bethany holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Brown University.

Recent Posts

What Offshore Wind Means for New England
  Want to learn more about offshore wind? Read about how both Massachusetts and Rhode Island are moving full speed ahead with new projects, what we want to see new developments accomplish, and how wind power can help transform New England’s energy mix.
What Is Net Metering?
Net Metering Basics Net metering is a state policy that gives solar panel owners credit on their electricity bills for any extra energy their panels produce and send back to the electricity grid to power other homes and businesses. Net metering programs help business and homeowners recoup the up front costs of installing solar panels.…
Final Showdown Begins Between Invenergy, CLF, and Burrillville Residents
For two years, Invenergy has been trying to build an unneeded, unwanted fossil fuel power plant in the heart of a state forest in Burrillville, Rhode Island. But Burrillville – along with nearly every other town across the state – has stood against the project, as it would harm local communities, devastate an important wildlife corridor,…
How Do Solar Panels Work?
Solar Panel Basics At the most basic level, solar panels take light from the sun and turn it into electricity that you can use to power your stuff, from the small (your phone) to the large (your home or your business). The number of solar panels it takes to power your home depends on how…
How to Save Energy (and Money!) During a Cold Snap
New England was recently blasted by an early winter storm. It was called a “bomb cyclone” and a “snow hurricane,” and for a while we all tried to huddle inside and stay warm. While temperatures have now risen back to a balmy 60 degrees, we know it won’t stay that way. So when the temperature…


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