Hoai Thuong Tran

Program Assistant CLF Massachusetts

Hoai graduated from Northeastern University with a BS in Environmental Science, Geology. Her passion in environmental conservation and protection was inspired by a study abroad in Iceland where she camped, hiked, and conducted field studies across the country. Prior to joining CLF, Hoai worked for the Department of Environment and Coastal Resources in the Turks and Caicos Islands, where she helped to rehabilitate and monitor the local reef systems. Prior to that, she spent six months in a German botanical institute researching the efficacy of micro-algae in treating carbamazepine pollutants in the local wastewater.

Hoai enjoys spending her free time practicing squash, hiking, or reading.

Recent Posts

Indigo Line Pilot Could Improve Fairmount Commuter Rail Line
The MBTA map could be getting a new line. A bill in the Massachusetts Legislature would put money into a pilot program to turn the Fairmount commuter rail line into the “Indigo Line.” The Indigo Line pilot would make the Fairmount line run more like the region’s other subway lines. It would improve public transit…
The Promise and Potential of Urban Agriculture
When asked to picture a farm, few of us imagine a city block with a once-vacant lot bursting with greens or the rooftop of an office building covered in ripe tomato vines and squash blossoms. But such urban images are a growing part of the modern farming landscape, as more and more cities across the…
Justice (Not) for All: Trump’s Proposed Budget Eliminates Environmental Justice Office
In March, Mustafa Santiago Ali resigned his position as Assistant Associate Administrator for Environmental Justice at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Ali helped found the agency’s Office of Environmental Justice and served the EPA for 24 years. He played a major role in the design and implementation of many of the agency’s most successful environmental…
MBTA Creates a Storm on the Fairmount Line
It may seem that the Snowmageddon of 2015 is a distant memory, but for many MBTA users, the winter season lives on as a cold reminder of being stranded in crowded stations and wondering when the next train would be arriving, if at all. This year, the Fairmount Line on the commuter rail, which runs…


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