Jen Duggan

Vice President and Director, CLF Vermont CLF Vermont

Jen Duggan is the Vice President and Director of CLF Vermont.  Throughout her career, Jen has worked to protect public health and ensure all communities have equal access to a clean and healthy environment.  Before joining CLF, Jen was the General Counsel for the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources.

Prior to her position with the Agency, Jen was Managing Attorney for the Environmental Integrity Project.  She managed the Coal-Free Waters Campaign and represented community groups and other organizations in permit proceedings, citizen enforcement actions, and federal and state rulemakings pertaining to coal plants, oil refineries, and other large sources of pollution.  Jen developed and co-counseled litigation requiring the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to limit toxic discharges from coal plants for the first time; developed and co-counseled litigation requiring clean up of three coal ash landfills; and persuaded a state environmental agency to withdraw construction permits for two waste coal power plants.

Jen earned her JD and Master of Studies in Environmental Law from Vermont Law School.  She interned for the Sierra Club Environmental Law Program in San Francisco and worked as a student clinician for the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic at Vermont Law School.

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Vermont Must Do More to Keep Drinking Water Safe
Vermont’s drinking water is under threat from dangerous substances found in products we use every day. PFAS (per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances) are toxic chemicals that have been detected in public water supplies, private wells, and groundwater in many cities and towns across the state, spurring long-overdue action from state officials.  That’s good news because…
UPDATE: Protecting Public Health Means Protecting Our Climate
UPDATE: The Senate has voted overwhelmingly to pass the Global Warming Solutions Act – which would bolster our State’s clean energy economy and help us build resilient, climate-ready communities — with a final vote of 23-5. This critical legislation will now go back to the House, which passed a version of this bill earlier this…
Waste Industry Exploits Pandemic as Cover for Rollbacks
Under cover of the pandemic, the waste industry is trying to demolish critical environmental protections. In April, the waste industry and Vermont’s Department of Environmental Conservation asked the legislature to delay implementation of the ban on food scraps in landfills. It also asked that recyclables be diverted, temporarily, to landfills. These requests were made under…
Turning off the Toxic Chemical Faucet in Vermont
Toxic “forever chemicals” are everywhere: in our nonstick pans, our food packaging, our water-repellant rain jackets. This dangerous class of chemicals called PFAS (per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances) got their nickname because these human-made compounds never break down in our environment. Even in small quantities, they can be harmful to human health. PFAS have shown up…
Climate Change Threatens Vermont. A Strong Climate Law Will Help.
The Vermont legislature is considering a critical bill that will cut climate-damaging emissions across the state and smooth the way for a more resilient future. The bill, the Vermont Global Warming Solutions Act, will simultaneously slash pollution and build climate-ready communities. A diverse group of Vermonters have come together to support this legislation. It’s backed…


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