Maggie Church

Senior Advisor CLF Massachusetts

Maggie Super Church is Senior Advisor to the Conservation Law Foundation, where she is leading the integration of CLF’s current Ventures program into core CLF programs and guiding its transformation into a “think and do tank.”  Previously, Maggie served as CLF’s Health Strategy and Metrics consultant on the Healthy Neighborhoods Equity Fund, a pioneering private equity real estate fund co-sponsored by CLF and the Massachusetts Housing Investment Corporation. She also serves as Co-Principal Investigator for the Healthy Neighborhoods Study, a longitudinal mixed-methods Participatory Action Research project funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

In her consulting practice, Maggie works with a mix of non-profit, philanthropic and public sector clients to develop and implement strategies for healthy, sustainable and equitable communities. She is a member of the RWJF County Health Rankings Scientific Advisory Group and InvestHealth National Advisory Committee, a Fellow at the MassInc Gateway Cities Innovation Institute, and a Corporator and CRA committee member at The Savings Bank.  Maggie was honored to receive a Conservation Hero award from the National Park Service in 2015 for service to Groundwork USA, where she served as Board Chair from 2010 to 2015.

Maggie earned her master’s degree in City Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she was the recipient of the Wallace Floyd Award for City Design and Development and the MIT/DUSP Excellence in Public Service Award. She is a 1994 Truman Scholar and holds a master’s degree in Urban Design from the Edinburgh College of Art and a BA in Architecture from Yale University.