Melissa Birchard

Senior Attorney CLF New Hampshire @melissabirchard

Melissa Birchard is a Senior Attorney for CLF in Concord, New Hampshire.  Melissa promotes a clean energy economy where our children can flourish safe from the harmful impacts of climate change.  She advances strong policies to support solar and wind power and fights to end New England’s reliance on fossil fuels.  Melissa also works to empower individuals like homeowners and businesses to participate in the clean energy economy, including through rooftop solar and battery storage.  Melissa is a big advocate for high-efficiency heat pumps that reduce New England’s use of home heating oil and natural gas, as well as electric cars.

Melissa holds degrees from Bryn Mawr College, UCLA, and Georgetown University Law Center.  Prior to joining CLF, Melissa represented state and local governments in energy and environmental matters at the Washington, DC-based law firm Spiegel & McDiarmid.  She has also worked to promote democracy and human rights, including environmental and public health rights.

Melissa enjoys frozen ponds, tree frogs, and owls, as well as passing slow vehicles in her speedy electric car. If you are interested in clean energy, she welcomes you to follow her on twitter.

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