Olivia Synoracki

Zero Waste Communications Associate CLF Massachusetts

Olivia is the Zero Waste Communications Associate for the Conservation Law Foundation. In this role she assists the Zero Waste Project in crafting communications to raise awareness of the negative impacts our trash has on our health, communities, and environment.

Prior to joining CLF, Olivia worked on alumni programming at Emerson College, where she focused on communications and events to further engage the alumni community. Before that she worked in college admissions where she supported prospective students and their families through the application and acceptance process. Olivia holds a master’s degree in Communication Management from Emerson College and a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Millersville University.

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Why Should We Compost? (Hint: It Will Help Solve Our Trash Crisis)
While considered organic waste, food scraps and yard clippings are anything but trash. When properly recycled, they become rich, nutritious compost that can fertilize and replenish soil. For decades, the idea of recycling organic waste (otherwise known as composting) was radical – unless you lived on a farm. But recent years have seen a shift…
Trash Incineration in Providence Has Met Its Match
Residents of South Providence and Washington Park are no strangers to the inequities they face living in a heavily industrialized neighborhood. In fact, they suffer from some of the highest asthma rates and blood lead levels in Rhode Island. Recently, these environmental justice communities have had their fair share of fights against private businesses looking…


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