Peter Blair

Staff Attorney CLF Maine

Peter Blair is a Staff Attorney in the Zero Waste Project at CLF. Peter’s work focuses advancing zero waste solutions, while fighting to protect communities and the environment from the dangers posed by unsustainable and polluting waste management practices. Prior to joining CLF, Peter served as an attorney for Clean Ocean Action, where he helped draft the strongest single-use plastic ban law in the United States, and led a coalition that successfully blocked an interstate fracked gas pipeline.

Peter received his J.D. from the University of Oregon School of Law, where he graduated with concentrations in Environmental and Natural Resources Law, Public Interest Law, and Green Business Law. While in law school, he served as the Director of the Green Business Initiative, and President of the Student Bar Association.

In his free time, Peter enjoys cooking, traveling, hiking, brewing, and exploring New England.

Recent Posts

Companies Scheme to Profit Off Maine’s Out-of-State Waste Loophole
Maine’s Juniper Ridge Landfill was never supposed to accept out-of-state waste, and there’s no good reason why it should. The State purchased the landfill to provide disposal capacity for Mainers’ waste, not the rest of New England. Yet, the landfill has been burying thousands of tons of out-of-state construction and demolition debris for years. How?…
Five Elements of a Strong Producer Responsibility for Packaging Bill
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Plastic Waste Washes Up in Maine – All the Way from Europe
On the morning of December 2, 2020, a ship containing roughly 200,000 pounds of plastic waste was completing the final leg of a long voyage across the Atlantic. It had embarked from Northern Ireland and was bound for Searsport, Maine, a small town tucked along the state’s picturesque mid-coast, about an hour south of Acadia…


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