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New Hampshire Governor-elect Sununu’s Opportunity: Champion Clean Energy, Not Fossil Fuels

Tom Irwin | @TomIrwinNH

This year, the need to aggressively tackle the problem of climate change couldn’t have been clearer. From 2016 likely surpassing 2015 as the hottest year on record globally, to historic drought conditions here in New Hampshire, the stakes couldn’t be higher for the health of our environment, our communities, and our economy.

At a time when President-elect Trump threatens to derail progress at the federal level, taking action at the state and regional level is that much more essential. So Granite Staters are faced with an important question: Will our new governor continue our momentum toward a clean energy economy built on efficiency and clean energy, or will he move us backward, toward greater reliance on fossil fuels and destructive projects like Northern Pass?

Unfortunately, and in a remarkable departure from recent administrations – not to mention broad and unwavering consensus by scientists the world over – Governor-elect Sununu has expressed skepticism about the causes of climate change. And as if climate skepticism isn’t enough, the Governor-elect’s positions on specific energy issues are further cause for concern, including:

At a time when we’re making important progress toward a clean energy future – through significant actions like Eversource’s auction of its dirty power plants, the establishment of a groundbreaking energy efficiency standard, and the Public Utilities Commission’s refusal to foist the cost of gas pipelines on electric customers – now is the time to keep moving forward. It’s not the time to turn back.

So Governor-elect Sununu has an opportunity to continue much-needed progress in the Granite State, advancing a clean energy economy that will make New Hampshire healthier and more prosperous, now and for future generations. We hope he’ll seize this historic opportunity. Either way, one thing is certain: We at CLF will be working to ensure that continued progress. As Granite Staters, we know our climate and clean energy future is too important, and the solutions we’re creating can’t wait.

We look forward to having you join us in our work for clean energy.

One way you can take action right now is to voice your support for solar energy in New Hampshire. Click here and share your support of clean renewable energy with the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission.

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