An open letter to Google--don't be evil, donate the money BP is paying you...

An open letter to Google – don’t be evil, donate the money BP is paying you . . .

Seth Kaplan

Writers on this blog have not been the only ones to take note of BP buying “AdWords’ from Google.  This PR strategy means that a search for “Gulf Oil Spill” or a related topic yields a page with a paid link from BP right at the top.

So here is a suggestion for Mr. Brin, Mr. Page, Mr. Schmidt, Mr. Cerf and the rest of the leadership of Google:  Announce that revenue from BP will be donated to a good cause.  The options for what to do with the money are depressingly vast.

You guys decide.  Give it to advocacy groups like ours who work on preventing this kind of disaster and promoting clean energy.  Give it to the “Keeper” groups who are the first line of defense against the spill.  Give it to a local charity on the Gulf, like the this one in New Orleans, or someone else you find.  You could even just funnel it out the door as a grant to build energy efficiency or renewable energy through  Or divvy it up among these different causes.

The point is – we are all accomplices in the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico because or gasoline consumption drives forward offshore drilling, tar sands development and similar dangerous behavior but Google has a chance here to shed a little bit of that accomplice liability by giving away some of BP’s money.

And of course if Google announces it is taking this step the rest of us will feel compelled to get on our computers and use Google to search for “Gulf Oil Spill” and click on that BP ad, sending the money to a good cause – transforming Google from accomplice into a good guy, a conduit for donations.

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