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Blue Today and the Next 100 Years

Sean Cosgrove

Who would have thought that Wearing Blue would turn out to be such a huge national event?  The interest in today’s Wear Blue for Oceans events is proliferating like so many amphipods. There are 13 “formal” events including the CLF and Ocean River Institute event in Cambridge. I’ll be with a hundred or so blue attired folks at Lafayette Park (in front of the White House) in Washington, DC. The public interest is coming from all over the country in about as many ways as people can express their love and desire for a healthy living ocean. One of my fave’s is the Beach Chair Scientist’s rendition of “Love me Blue.” Meanwhile, friend and colleague Sarah Chasis of NRDC has this to say in the HuffingtonPost. And, the Wear Blue Facebook friends group is now over 1500 and Sherman’s Lagoon is Wearing Blue in about 200 papers nation-wide. This all came about in the last six weeks, which, I think, we can all admit is a pretty awesome effort.

What’s all the excitement about? The Obama Administration is leading on a issue that should have been addressed about, let’s say, 100 years ago by developing the country’s first ever national policy for how we protect and manage our coasts, oceans and Great Lakes. It is about time we address the stunning impacts of polluting, developing, overfishing, and drilling of our oceans in a more comprehensive fashion and stop pretending that the piecemeal approach is workable. The foundation of a strong National Ocean Policy needs to be the protection, restoration and maintenance of ocean and coastal ecosystems. We need real habitat protection for those special places in New England’s oceans. We need to give declining ocean wildlife species a better leg to stand on so they aren’t just treated as an afterthought. We are moving ahead in Massachusetts with better planning, ecosystem protection and facilitating clean, renewable energy. We can do that in the other coastal states. Wear your blue today, show you care and don’t stop there. Help use this opportunity of a lifetime to create the change we need for the next 100 years.

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