Bungled Vermont Gas Pipeline – Comments Needed

Sandy Levine | @CLFLevine

Pulling the plug on the Vermont Gas pipeline is long overdue. Conservation Law Foundation sued to require that Vermont Gas Systems demonstrate the proposed pipeline is justified. You can read our brief and reply brief here.

It should be a tall order. If regulators knew in 2013 what they know now, it is hard to imagine the project would have been approved. And it shouldn’t be now.

Sloppy management and poor oversight persist. Costs continue to skyrocket. At last report they more than doubled. Meanwhile, cleaner and lower cost energy supplies are more available.

It is time to quit while we are ahead – and before more environmental destruction reigns.

Provide written comments to the Vermont Public Service Board. Send an email or write to them at Vermont Public Service Board, 112 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05620-270. Be sure to note “Docket #8330 Public Comment” in the heading.

Tell the Board what you think about the pipeline and the need to take a fresh look. Times are changing. So should our energy supply.

Some issues to highlight include:

  • The costs more than doubled and cleaner supplies are available.
  • Poor management of the project from the outset.
  • High greenhouse gas emissions and pollution from the project.
  • Need to move away from fossil fuels, not lock in 50 more years of pollution.
  • Vermont Gas has not been a good neighbor and has ignored reasonable landowner requests.


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  1. Kat McGhee

    The booming costs are due to the closure of a clean, fully operating plant in Vernon. Now that Entergy has been allowed to begin the decommissioning process, millions in annual dollars to the local economy will be lost (once the company stops feeding the economy per NRC rules). 628 good paying jobs were lost in that closure and like Germany, we are seeing fossil fuels resurge as the only means of replacing this 24/7 reliable base load power. Emissions are already ticking up at the loss of over 600 MWe (with zero emissions), being shut down, without a plan to replace it (except for increasing gas reliance).

    Environmental groups need to learn and decide on who the enemy is in this race to counteract disastrous GHG emissions. We have enjoyed 50 years of safe, clean power from these plants and after a successful experiment, and a next generation set of designs that solve the problems we had with the original plants, we are opting to let fossil fuels regain that market share? Bad thinking is supporting this course and our leaders have got to get better info to the masses they serve. We cannot stop fossil fuels without leveraging nuclear. Its math. The bridging technology for our transition away from fossil fuels, quickly, is nuclear.

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