Energy Efficiency

The Time is Right for Affordable Heat
by Sandy Levine

Vermont is poised to take a big bite out of the high cost and pollution of heating our homes and businesses. Slashing a full one-quarter of both lies within our reach. Over the past decade, the cost Vermonters pay for staying warm has more than doubled. This strains our pocketbooks, our environment, our health and…

This Holiday, New Hampshire Will Buy a $128 Million Lump of Coal
by Christophe Courchesne

Today, the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission takes up PSNH’s request to charge its customers 9.54 cents per kilowatt hour for electric energy service in 2013. In a op-ed published this week, long-time CLF friends Ken Colburn and Rick Russman explain why New Hampshire’s crisis of escalating PSNH rates – and how New Hampshire policymakers…

Everything You Know Is Wrong: Growing the Economy Without Growing Electricity (and Energy) Demand
by Seth Kaplan

Back in the 1970’s the satirical and surreal Firesign Theater proclaimed that “Everything You Know is Wrong.” At the intersection of energy and economics, that absurdist assertion is a increasingly obvious reality that advocates, policy makers and industry must embrace. Throughout history, there are moments when prior assumptions and core beliefs have simply stopped being…

Bringing Efficiency to the Natural Gas Niche
by John Kassel

My wife and I just moved into a new (to us) apartment in Cambridge and, as is often the case, were faced with a hodge-podge of leftover light bulbs in the fixtures – some too dim, some too bright and glaring, some dead. All were incandescents. New bulbs went on my shopping list. Much to…

Generating Clean Energy and Efficiency Across Massachusetts
by Liz Carver

How does a community balance the potential costs of siting clean energy projects with the economic benefits they provide? What are the local economic realities of hosting distributed clean energy generation facilities and energy efficiency projects in a community? CLF Ventures explored these questions and others in a recent webinar we co-sponsored with the Massachusetts…

Press Releases
Green Communities Act Coalition Applauds Enactment of Massachusetts Energy Bill
by Ben Carmichael

The Green Communities Act Coalition (“GCA Coalition”) – a diverse group of business, labor, environmental, clean energy, low-income and other stakeholders who advocate for strong clean energy policies in Massachusetts – today praised the state’s legislative leaders and Governor Deval Patrick’s for passage and signing of important new energy legislation into law today.