Rhode Island Stormwater

Green Infrastructure Projects Create Jobs for People Who Need Them
by Max Greene

Right now leaders throughout Rhode Island are taking a hard look at stormwater pollution – in fact, over the weekend, I was on a panel discussing solutions to the this critical threat to the health of our waterways. One especially exciting solution is green infrastructure. What is green infrastructure? Green infrastructure uses natural processes to…

Waves of Change: Making a Plan for Coastal Pollution
by Hannah Dean

It’s July, it’s hot, and – as long as there are no big sharks around – you’d like to go swimming. There’s only one problem: you get to the beach and find out you might get sick if you go in the water. In New England, it’s more likely than not that the unhealthy water…

Best (and Worst) of the Beaches
by Cynthia Liebman

It’s July 4. As you head out to your favorite swimming spot, consider this: While New England is home to many clean, scenic beaches, the sad truth is that hundreds of beach closures occurred in 2010 across the New England states.

Election 2010: What it Means for New England’s Environment
by Seth Kaplan

The following is a special edition of CLF’s e-News.  To receive this kind of carefully screened (no spam here!)  information and to support CLF join today. We at CLF watched last Tuesday’s elections with great interest, and in some cases, trepidation. Our ability to be effective in our work is greatly enhanced when there is…

Hard lessons from the hard rain
by Anthony Iarrapino

Our hearts go out to New Englanders dealing with the flood disaster caused by record-setting rainfall over the last couple days.  The director of CLF’s Rhode Island Director, Tricia Jedele, has circulated some extraordinary pictures of the deluge that really bring home the scope of the devastation. The tragic events playing out on the ground in Rhode Island–flooding and subsequent failure…