Clean Water Advocates are Onboard for the Great Bay Estuary

Jeff Barnum

Last year, in our ongoing work to engage the public in our efforts to protect the Great Bay estuary, we established a network of local residents who care about water – Clean Water Advocates for Great Bay. Since that time, members of the Clean Water Advocates group have helped ensure the success of an important local vote in Exeter (that approved funding to move the town toward an upgraded sewage treatment plant). They’ve also been adding their voices to promote needed solutions for the health of the estuary.

I’m pleased to say that the Clean Water Advocates group continues to grow. Twenty-five enthusiastic folks turned out in Portsmouth last week to hear recent updates on the numerous sewage treatment plants – including Peirce Island –and stormwater pollution issues in and around Great Bay and the Piscataqua River.

The group was updated on the most significant of the 18 sewage plants in the Great Bay watershed — progress being made, plans for upgrades, and the dilemma of delay with some. With ecosystem loss pronounced and ongoing, achieving higher levels of sewage treatment for the estuary in the near future is absolutely essential.

The Clean Water Advocates were presented with a list of potential projects and initiatives that are intended to keep public attention focused on Great Bay. Those ideas will only prove successful with their help – and with the help of others who care about the future of Great Bay, the Piscataqua River, and all the waters that are part of the estuary.

The conversation was a two-way street, with members of the group providing numerous suggestions that might prove to engage and educate the public. Something for everyone. Contact me if you’d like to get involved!

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