Conservation Law Foundation Statement On Senator Ted Kennedy’s Passing

(BOSTON, MA) AUGUST 26, 2009 — “Today, we mourn the loss of Ted Kennedy, an incomparable leader for our region and country, and a decades-long champion of forward-thinking environmental policy,” said CLF President John Kassel.  “He was a powerful voice and vote in the Senate during the development, debate and passage of every major piece of environmental legislation since the early 1960’s, and he was instrumental in advocating for clean air, healthy waterways, public transit and environmental justice in low-income Boston neighborhoods – policies that CLF strives to uphold and protect.”

“His leadership helped provide the essential foundation to pass everything from the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act and the National Environmental Policy Act,” noted CLF Vice President Seth Kaplan. “One key legacy that Senator Kennedy has left us is the generations of leaders he fostered and brought forward. Leaders like Rep. Ed Markey who first articulated a powerful message of environmental protection and clean energy development on a national prime-time stage at the 1980 Democratic National Convention – a speaking role that he had because of his close involvement in Senator Kennedy’s presidential campaign. While CLF and others may have disagreed with the Senator on a particular issue, the Cape Wind project, we always knew his values and goals were solid and good.”

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