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Discovery Channel wimps out – Not airing pivotal climate episode of acclaimed “Frozen Planet” series

Seth Kaplan

The good news: cable TV outlet the Discovery Channel co-produced, with the BBC,  a nature series about the polar regions entitled Frozen Planet working with award winning director David Attenborough.   Discovery has proudly announced their co-ownership of the series, which is airing in Britain now (and apparently is quite hit) and will be shown in the US on Discovery in 2012.

The bad news: Discovery (who I admit has gotten some free publicity from us for their Shark Week) has decided to not show the final episode in the series that presents the threats, particularly in the form of global warming, that man poses to the polar environment. In the words of an incredulous headline of a newspaper article in Britain’s Daily Mail: “Climate change episode of Frozen Planet won’t be shown in the U.S. as viewers don’t believe in global warming.”

Protecting our climate will require systematic action across our society and economy.  As President Obama just noted in remarks in Australia it will be, “a tough slog, particularly at a time  when a lot of economies are struggling.”  But it is a transition that (as he went on to say) can build up jobs and the economy and “that, over the long term, can be beneficial.”

But if we don’t talk about the problem and don’t show the impacts of global warming, let alone the solutions what are the chances of our nation and the world taking on and solving this most fundamental of problems?


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