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Earth Day: An Opportunity to Pause and Heal

John Kassel

Spring in Massachusetts

Earth Day, which coincides with the blossoming of Spring across New England, is an opportunity for us to heal.  Image: timsackton @ flickr

In the Boston area we are grieving, and we are rattled. The shocking events of last week have taken their toll on all of us. They have been devastating for the families and friends of those killed and injured.  We are relieved and grateful, but underneath we are in some pain. We all need to heal.

Today is Earth Day – a day to appreciate the marvelous planet that sustains us. In some years, my attention on Earth Day has focused on what our planet needs from us – in the form of activism, problem-solving, and protection. In fact, that’s my focus almost every day.

But this Earth Day, this year, I for one will focus on what the Earth does for us – emotionally – because we in the Boston area need it badly. In New England, Earth Day coincides with the full blossoming of Spring – the extraordinary annual resurgence of the irrepressible and wonderful life force embedded in our world. Trees, shrubs and plants come into full bloom, songbirds trill magically, and animals of many species respond to the call. If we stop and look, it amazes and rejuvenates us. If we pause and touch, breathe in the wonderful earthy smells of Spring, and deeply appreciate our planet, it heals us.

Today, in the greater Boston area – and across New England – I highly recommend we all stop, look, touch, smell and appreciate the remarkable planet that is our home. It’s a very natural and easy thing to do. It will help us heal.

And we all need to be healed, and to be strong, to meet the challenges – all of the challenges – that we face. And we shall meet them. Count on it. Just like Spring.

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