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First-of-its-Kind Northeast Ocean Plan Officially Approved by Obama Administration

“This is a game changer for the management of our ocean in New England,” said CLF’s Vice President and Director of Ocean Conservation Priscilla Brooks. “Based on the most comprehensive scientific database ever compiled for New England’s ocean and intensive stakeholder input, the Northeast Ocean Plan will effectively enable the region to capitalize on all the ocean has to offer by way of food, clean renewable energy, transportation, recreation, and jobs, while ensuring that the ocean we all depend upon is healthy and thriving. CLF applauds this historic achievement as a critical step toward ensuring an effectively managed, healthy ocean and coastal communities for generations to come.”

Blazing the Trail for Offshore Wind in Rhode Island
by Jerry Elmer

In just a few days, the first offshore wind farm in the country will go live. The five-turbine Block Island Wind Project, developed by Deepwater Wind off the coast of Rhode Island, was more than 10 years in the making. The lessons learned and the trails blazed from this small project are setting the stage…

Conservation Matters Fall 2016

Celebrating 50 Years of CLF Going Low-Carb Transforming New England’s Energy System Coal-Free New England Community Voices: The Clean Energy Landscape Web of Deceit Holding ExxonMobil Accountable for Its Decades of Climate Denial Community Voices: A Message to ExxonMobil A Tale of Two Rivers Boston Harbor 2.0 The New Frontier in the Fight to Save…

Long Island Sound’s ‘Blue Plan’ Forum Charts Path Forward
by Aimee Bushman

The tradition of ocean planning leadership in New England continues as Connecticut moves forward with the creation of its ‘Blue Plan’ for managing Long Island Sound. Last week, a successful forum was held to kick off public engagement efforts in the development of the plan. In 2015, Connecticut passed a law establishing a process for…

Celebrating World Fisheries Day: Global Fishing Watch Will Have Positive Implications for New England’s Fisheries
by Peter Shelley

“You can’t help in Massachusetts but to come from a tradition of the ocean. Our state was founded on it.” Secretary of State John Kerry said this at the third annual Our Ocean conference this September, speaking at a reception celebrating Global Fishing Watch. A new publicly accessible and free platform, Global Fishing Watch tracks…

This Week on TalkingFish.org – November 13-18
by Allison Lorenc

November 16: Local News Outlets Highlights Cape Fishermen’s Frustration with Herring Midwater Trawlers – The New England Fishery Management Council will resume its discussion on localized depletion of Atlantic herring at its meeting tomorrow. If you’re new to the issue of localized depletion, or need a refresher before tomorrow’s discussion (11/17), local Cape Cod news outlets, as…

Press Releases
Historic Settlement Agreement Reached to Remove Saccarappa Dams

Sean Mahoney, Maine Director for Conservation Law Foundation, commented, “The Presumpscot River was once home to hundreds of thousands of migratory fish before it was dammed, stem to stern, and treated as though it were a public sewer. Restoring the productivity of the fish populations in the Presumpscot is vital, not just for those who fish along the river, but also for the health of our fishing industry in Casco Bay and the Gulf of Maine. Migratory fish like alewives and bluebacks are critical bait for the lobster fishery and key to the entire food system.”

This Week on TalkingFish.org – November 7-11
by Allison Lorenc

November 7: Are We Headed Toward the Era of Two-Headed Sharks? – The 2016 presidential election will likely go down in history books as one of the most polarizing of our time. For the last year and a half, we’ve been watching two talking heads bare their teeth at one another, taking the occasional bite, as each…