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Getting Around in a Cleaner World

Sandy Levine

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Windmills and solar panels are helping us move toward cleaner electricity. But what about transportation?

In Vermont, transportation accounts for the lion’s share of our greenhouse gas emissions. We are a rural state, sure, but that doesn’t mean we get to drive around and pollute more than our neighbors in other states.

Beginning this week the Vermont Transportation Board will hold six public hearings at different locations around Vermont to gather comments on transportation issues.

The six identified topics include:

  • Transportation Revenues and Energy
  • Bike & Pedestrian Issues
  • The Future of Both Freight and Passenger Rail Services
  • Park & Ride Expansion
  • Roadway Safety
  • Public Transit – Intercity Service and Service for the Elderly

The meetings are at 6pm. Dates, locations are listed here.

Written comments can be submitted by visiting the Board’s website at

A key focus of each topic is how do we scrub our transportation system, so it helps us pollute less. VTrans and the Regional Planning Commissions are moving forward with many projects. A number in Chittenden County alone are expanding roadways. Quite helpfully, most projects include improvements for pedestrians, bicycles and transit, but those facilities continue to be an afterthought, add-on or enhancement to a road project.

Tell the transportation board we need more key improvements that will reduce pollution, save money, enhance safety, and expand mobility for all people and including:

Let your voice be heard. With these improvements Vermont can lead the way in showing how people in a rural state can get around without causing more pollution.



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