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Getting Ready for the Battles Ahead: A Message from CLF President Brad Campbell

I want personally to reach out to our supporters to talk about the election and its impact on our work here at CLF.

For us and I am sure for you, Donald Trump’s victory was a stunning and disturbing end to a disheartening election – disheartening because our priorities as an organization and our values as a community were seldom mentioned, never truly debated, and often derided.

And President-elect Trump’s first steps after the election have been outrageous – like putting a climate skeptic and fossil fuel executives in charge of the EPA transition.

This is surely new territory, but not the first time CLF has had to fight for the health and safety of communities and the environment.

In each of its 50 years, CLF has successfully prevailed against overwhelming odds and powerful political foes to advance the cause of conservation and environmental and social justice.

CLF’s importance is arguably greatest in times like these – in a hostile political and policy environment, succeeding at the regional level when our elected leadership fails, whether in Washington or state capitols.

When I look back on just the CLF successes of the past year – cutting greenhouse gases, building a greener energy system, stopping subsidies for fossil fuel infrastructure, winning new ocean protections – none of these wins was made easy, and most were opposed, by those at the seat of power.

We will have more and bigger fights now. We’re more ready than ever for those battles, but we need your support more than ever too.

If you are a current donor, we hope you will consider digging deeper. If you are new to our work you can join us with a monthly donation in the fight to protect New England’s natural beauty and its Nation-leading economic success.

This is our fight together, and we’re in it to win.


Before you go… CLF is working every day to create real, systemic change for New England’s environment. And we can’t solve these big problems without people like you. Will you be a part of this movement by considering a contribution today? If everyone reading our blog gave just $10, we’d have enough money to fund our legal teams for the next year.


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