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Green Affordable Housing in Vermont

Sandy Levine

Putting the green in affordable housing may not be easy, but it is long overdue.

For decades, manufactured homes have been an affordable home ownership option. Unfortunately, some manufactured homes are the equivalent of gas guzzlers. They burn through dollars and heating fuels like there’s no tomorrow. How affordable is a home when fuel bills eat up all your savings?

An open house on March 14 and 15 from 10 a.m  to 2 p.m in Wilder Vermont shows a new alternative.

VERMOD High Performance Homes has teamed up with Efficiency Vermont and the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board and others to develop a more truly affordable manufactured home option.

Ten pilot homes are being built and sited in mobile home parks around Vermont. The homes in Vergennes, Starksboro, Hardwick and the Upper Valley, are making a difference. Families will live in a comfortable home that contains no toxic materials, and is built to last.  Monthly heat and utility costs are less than $20.


There’s more information about this project at the website of the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, with plans, specs, photos and project information.

Come see for yourself what this innovation means to advance comfort, lower costs and reduce pollution for new homeowners. Open House Flyer with directions available here. 


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