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Help CLF clear the air at Rhode Island’s Central Landfill

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Seagulls swarm overhead as garbage trucks dump their loads at the Central Landfill in 2011. Photo courtesy of Mary Murphy/The Providence Journal.

Two weeks ago, we took the first step toward filing suit against the companies that are supposed to be – but aren’t – collecting harmful landfill gas from the Central Landfill in Johnston, Rhode Island.

Because these companies are not collecting this gas, the Landfill is releasing pollutants into Rhode Island’s air.  I’ll write more on each of the main pollutants later, but for right now suffice it to say that hydrogen sulfide makes the air smell like rotten eggs and also poses health risks, while methane is a potent greenhouse gas.

By failing to collect landfill gas, the companies are not just dirtying the air; they are also violating the Clean Air Act.  And because they’re breaking the law, we can take them to court and try to get the Landfill’s air pollution under control.

While we take polluters to court, you can help clear the air in Johnston too.  Here are a few ways how:

    1. Tell us your story.

      If you live near the Landfill and have smelled the Landfill, gotten sick, or had trouble selling your house, send me an email ( or call me (401-351-1102).  Your stories will help us to paint a clear picture for the court as to exactly what’s going on in Johnston.

    2. Don’t throw away food scraps.

      I know this one can be hard – I live on a small lot myself and don’t have much room for composting.  But for all of us who live in Rhode Island, every bit of food we throw away eventually breaks down in the Landfill and produces landfill gas.  This food could instead be composted and used to grow food at Rhode Island farms, or in your own gardens.  And if you can’t compost food scraps yourself, you might be able to find someone else to take them off your hands.  Check out ecoRI Earth.

    3. Donate.

      Perhaps this one goes without saying, but CLF is a nonprofit organization that relies on gifts and grants to do the work we do.  So please consider giving – every bit helps.

With your help, we can get fix the gas collection system at the Central Landfill and get landfill gas out of Rhode Island’s air.

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