Historic Approval of Northeast Ocean Plan a Testament to Our Region’s Strength

In a historic moment, the White House announced today the official approval of the landmark Northeast Ocean Plan.

This approval by the National Ocean Council sets the Northeast Ocean Plan in motion and into the implementation stage – cementing New England’s legacy as a national leader for protecting and managing our oceans.

The plan is a game changer as our region has committed, on every level, to be smarter about how we collectively use our ocean’s resources. Based on the most comprehensive database of scientific and ocean use information ever compiled for New England’s ocean, as well as intensive stakeholder input, the Northeast Ocean Plan will effectively enable the region to capitalize on all the ocean has to offer – food, clean renewable energy, transportation, recreation, and jobs – all while ensuring that the ocean we all depend upon is healthy and thriving.

Ultimately, through a commitment to science and data-backed decision making, inclusivity, and better collaboration, the new ocean plan will result in increased economic success, fewer conflicts on the water, preservation of New England’s iconic ocean-based industries, and a healthier ocean for all.

A Plan for New England

With climate change upon us, smart ocean planning is more important than ever. The Gulf of Maine is now woefully in the spotlight, its waters heating faster than 99 percent of the world’s oceans. As conservation leaders for half a century, we at Conservation Law Foundation have witnessed profound changes in our ocean.

We’ll continue to invest in the implementation of the Northeast Ocean Plan, which includes a commitment from the state, federal and tribal members of the regional planning body to identify important ecological areas. We’ll work to ensure decision makers are aware of these areas and push for their protection in planning projects, which will help restore the ocean’s health and build its resiliency to climate change.

This is New England’s plan. Largely crafted by New Englanders, advocated for by New Englanders, and ultimately implemented by many who call this region home – New England’s values are embedded within this plan. No matter the challenges that face us, our region knows how to come together and make things happen – and with this strength, CLF will work to ensure the plan is implemented widely for the benefit of our coastal communities, marine life, businesses, and for future generations.

Read CLF’s official statement on the release of the Northeast Ocean Plan here.


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