My Latest Column: Can the Great Bay Ecosystem Rebound?

Jeff Barnum

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I’m an optimist. And whenever I am asked whether the Great Bay ecosystem will rebound to its historic, healthy condition, my answer has always been “Yes.” While I remain optimistic, however, there is real cause for concern. At the heart of that concern  is eelgrass – a sub-tidal, flowering plant that, when healthy, grows in thick meadows, providing essential habitat for fish and crustaceans, producing oxygen, anchoring the sediments, improving water quality, and sequestering carbon even more effectively than the trees in our forests. Because it’s underwater, most people will never even see this critically important resource.

I’ve been out on the water in Great Bay almost daily this summer, and it seems like there is more, dead eelgrass floating on the surface than in past years. Click to read my full column on SeacoastOnline and view pictures from Great Bay.

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