Mass DEP Responds to Kids vs. Global Warming

Shanice Wallace

I recently wrote a post commending and admiring the work that youth all over Massachusetts have done in order to shed light on climate change and to call for action to address it. When it comes to climate change action, the youth of Massachusetts are doing their part in spreading knowledge and creating a strong voice. Unfortunately, Massachusetts DEP does not seem interested in taking the opportunity to work with, or seriously respond to, the youth in their fight for climate action.

Students from the Boston Latin School who are members of Youth Climate Action Network recently spoke to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. These students, along with Boston College Law students, demonstrated their concern for our futures by creating a petition asking DEP to do more. Mass DEP was required to respond after the hearing. DEP said that they agree with the students’ statements and requests, and said that they were already working on the proposed actions. But the petition was created in order to get DEP to address global warming more aggressively, as needed and required. DEP, rather than admit what they could and should be working on, suggest that they are already doing enough – ignoring that the work they are doing falls short of what the students are asking and what DEP is required to do. DEP’s response embodies an attitude that needs to change in order to address climate change effectively.

It is very discouraging to see the Kids vs. Global Warming petition being taken lightly by the DEP. The Kids vs. Global Warming climate action in Massachusetts was an eye-opener, it allowed for me to see what some climate change fighters looked like.  It was discouraging that on the seldom recent occasion where youth have had the opportunity to speak directly to their government; Mass DEP chose to ignore their request for action. But this fight is not over. Please join CLF in making sure that youth voices are heard by Massachusetts DEP and other government officials in the fight for climate action.

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