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More lies and more pollution at Vermont Yankee

Sandy Levine | @CLFLevine

There is no surprise that tritum has reached the drinking water aquifer at Vermont Yankee.  The claimed surprise by both Vermont Yankee officials and state officials cannot be genuine.  

In June, CLF filed testimony stating:  “every indication is that the bedrock is, or soon will be, contaminated by tritium.”  CLF’s expert hydrogeologist reviewed Vermont Yankee’s groundwater data and analysis and concluded that the tritium is deep in the groundwater and has been there for months.  This  “represents clear evidence that radionuclides released from VY … have reached the bedrock surface, and threaten the water supply aquifer beneath it.”  (p. 19-20).

Water flows down and downstream.  Any grade schooler will tell you this.  Sadly, rather than step up to acknowledge and clean up the pollution, we are getting more lies about the leaks.  It is no surprise the aquifer is contaminated.  Vermont Yankee knew this in June.  Why are they lying now?

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