New England States Charge Ahead with MOU on Zero Emission Vehicles

New England States Charge Ahead on Electric Vehicles with New Memorandum of Understanding

Jenny Rushlow

Today eight states, including four in New England, announced a landmark initiative to collectively put 3.3 million electric vehicles on the road by 2025 and develop fueling infrastructure to support them.  The governors of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Connecticut joined California, New York, Maryland, and Oregon in signing a Memorandum of Understanding to ensure successful implementation of their states’ Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) programs. State ZEV programs accelerate the number of low and zero emission vehicles on the road, thus reducing total emissions from mobile sources, which are responsible for the greatest portion of greenhouse gas emissions of any sector in New England.  The ZEV rules, which originate in California, have been adopted in five New England States: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut, and Maine.

The MOU announced today commits the eight states signing on to do the following:

  • Collectively put 3.3 million electric vehicles on the road by 2025 and develop fueling infrastructure to support the cars
  • Harmonize building codes to make it easier to construct new electric car charging stations
  • Set purchase targets for ZEVs in their public fleets
  • Create financial and other incentives to promote ZEVs
  • Promote lower electricity rates for home charging systems
  • Develop common standards for roadway signs and charging networks
  • Study hydrogen fueling infrastructure to support the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

New England needs zero emission vehicles — they will help reduce air pollution, break our addiction to oil, and save families money — and New Englanders want the same opportunities to drive zero emission vehicles on their home turf as Californians currently enjoy.  The actions promised in today’s MOU will help bring ZEVs to the region by ensuring that New England states have the market and infrastructure to support the acceleration of low and zero emissions vehicles on the road required by the ZEV program.  CLF congratulates the eight states participating in this MOU for taking the lead on this important initiative.

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