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News from Talking Fish

Claire Morgenstern

The Atlantic cod. Photo credit: Wikipedia

Catch the latest news from Talking Fish, the blog brought to you by CLF and others that is focused on the scientific, financial and social aspects at work in New England’s fisheries.

June 16: “ Gloucester, New Bedford mayors foolishly endorsing crazies in New England,” by Talking Fish

“A Crossroads at Sea,” by Winston Vaughan

June 13: “Fishing Banks: Fleet diversity and an intro to permit banks,” by Peter Shelley

June 9: “Overfishing 101: Why ending overfishing is good for both fish and fishermen alike,” by Lee Crocket

June 3: “Commerce Department announces 2011 NEFMC appointments,” by Talking Fish

June 2: “Commerce Secretary nominee should champion policies that rebuild fish stocks and strengthen coastal economies,” by Talking Fish

June 1: “Seafood fraud is bad news, but there are good (and delicious) ways to avoid it,” by Talking Fish

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