Nuclear Power – Breaking Promises, Breaking Laws

Sandy Levine | @CLFLevine

The road to clean energy future is a bumpy one — especially when it involves a disgruntled, behemoth corporation like Entergy.  Last year, Vermont decided it didn’t want Entergy’s leaky, old nuclear power plant on the banks of the Connecticut River to operate for another twenty years.  In the wake of the lies, leaks and the nuclear tragedy in Japan, Vermont’s decision was clearly a good one.

But the plant owner, Entergy, is not happy.  It tried to muscle its way to a new license.  This week Entergy sued the state of Vermont.  Entergy is breaking its promise to follow Vermont’s decisions and is asking the Court to allow it to break Vermont law.

Entergy may be a big corporation, but it still must follow the law.  It is not up to the Exxons, BPs and Entergys of the world to decide what our energy future looks like.  The region’s older nuclear fleet must clean up or shut down. It is time to transition away from old and dirty coal and nuclear plants.  We have the will and the ability to make this happen.

Entergy’s challenge is a bump in the road. But New England won’t be steamrolled.

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