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Video: Putting ExxonMobil on Trial

Conservation Law Foundation is suing ExxonMobil over the corporate giant’s deliberate campaign of deceit about climate change – which put local communities here in New England at risk. The company’s failure to fortify its oil storage facility in Everett against climate impacts could result in catastrophic spills of oil and other toxic pollution into the Mystic River and surrounding neighborhoods. In our Voices of the Mystic River series we hear from the people affected by Exxon’s inaction and learn why CLF’s lawsuit is vital for protecting our communities.

For CLF President Bradley Campbell, ExxonMobil’s climate deceit isn’t just about global impacts, which are significant on their own. It’s also about the fallout to communities right here in New England. Campbell hopes our lawsuit will help to protect the Mystic River and local neighborhoods by forcing the oil giant to clean up its facility and secure it against the impacts of climate change. Click the video above to hear why this case matters in Brad’s own words.


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