A Quest for Clean Air

John Kassel

I’d like to introduce you to two CLF members who are making a difference for people and communities in New England.

Tiffany Mellers is a working mom and Army reservist who lives in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in the shadow of Bridgeport Harbor Station, a coal- and oil-burning power plant that has been polluting that city for nearly 50 years. Tiffany’s young daughters, Jaysa and Crystal, both suffer from asthma – so severe on some days as to land Jaysa in the hospital. That makes Tiffany tireless in her quest to stop dangerous air pollution and secure a healthier future for her girls and her community.

Pauline Rodrigues lives in Somerset, Massachusetts, where, in October, she and her neighbors breathed a collective sigh of relief when Brayton Point announced it would shut down in 2017. Now, Pauline and her community are working with CLF to make sure that Somerset and Massachusetts seize on this opportunity to replace Brayton Point with a clean, no-carbon alternative that will bring good jobs and economic prosperity back to this working-class town.

In the past three years, CLF, with your support, has helped to shut down three New England coal plants, while fiercely advocating for clean, renewable alternatives and good policy to spur that investment and bring energy prices down. But Tiffany’s and Pauline’s stories remind us that, although coal’s dirty legacy is coming to an end in New England, we still have much to do for communities like Bridgeport, where old coal plants are digging in their heels, and for towns in transition like Somerset.

Getting off of coal and onto clean energy takes smart, passionate people working day and night over many years. We rely on the support of members and supporters like you to fund that work and the cutting-edge research, thoughtful analysis, and community outreach that make it successful.

As we head into the final weeks of our year-end campaign, I want to ask you to please make a gift to CLF, today. We need to raise $40,000 online this holiday season so that together we can continue to help people like Tiffany and Pauline realize a better future for their families and their communities – and for all of New England.

Together, we can make New England the first coal-free region in the country, foster life-changing innovation, and make sure that our region lives up to its mandate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. Thank you for joining this important cause and being part of the CLF community.

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