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Scott Pruitt Resigns from EPA

“Don’t be fooled by the devil on his way out the door because there’s another one waiting in the wings,” said CLF President Bradley Campbell. “There is no doubt that the next EPA administrator will be another Scott Pruitt—in bed with the fossil fuel industry and rolling back environmental protections with a vengeance.”

Senior Fellows
Erica Kyzmir-McKeon, Esq.
by Dara Epison

Erica Kyzmir-McKeon, Esq. is a public interest attorney with a background in economic justice and consumer protection issues. Most recently, she was a staff attorney for the Project on Predatory Student Lending at the Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School, where she represented individuals who were defrauded by for-profit schools. Previously, Erica was a…

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My Turn: David Ismay: No need for more gas infrastructure

A new analysis done by the regional electric grid operator, ISO-New England, confirms what experts have said for years: New England doesn’t need expensive new gas pipelines to keep the lights on and our homes warm during harsh winters. Instead, the clean power and energy efficiency we are already buying will guarantee year-round reliability and…

Press Releases
Repeal of National Ocean Policy Prioritizes Resource Exploitation Over Healthy Oceans

“The repeal of the National Ocean Policy is another attack in the Trump administration’s all-out assault on the nation’s public lands and oceans for the sake of private exploitation and profit,” said Dr. Priscilla Brooks, Director of Ocean Conservation at CLF. “This repeal ignores how smart, science-driven ocean management creates economic, recreational, and environmental benefits. We are incredibly disappointed by this reckless action.”

Senior Fellows
Chris Stix
by Yesenia Sotelo

Chris Stix is an equity investor and former sell side analyst. Since leaving Morgan Stanley in 2002 Chris has been managing a portfolio, primarily focusing on global asset allocation. Previously, he was head of global communications equipment research at SG Cowen. From 2003 to 2010 Chris was an Overseer and Trustee at the Joslin Diabetes…