Apr 05, 2015

Defending Our Climate

For Isabel, a 15-year-old sophomore at Boston Latin School, climate change is a big concern. That’s why, last November, Isabel and three other teens, alongside CLF and the Mass Energy Consumers Alliance, sued the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for not meeting key obligations of the state’s Global Warming Solutions Act.

Mar 10, 2015

Virginia Foote

Virginia (Gina) Foote is the Director of Impact Investment at CLF, where she helps develop market-based solutions to address New England’s environmental problems. Gina oversees three impact funds co-sponsored by CLF: the Healthy Neighborhood Equity Fund I and II, and the Healthy Retail and Commerce Fund. Gina and her team are growing CLF’s portfolio of… Continue reading Virginia Foote

Jan 05, 2015

Progress Report: Clean Water

When it comes to clean water in New England, two big challenges stand in the way: nutrient pollution and stormwater runoff. CLF is working to solve these challenges by pushing local and state governments and the EPA to enforce clean water laws and hold polluters accountable for their damage.

Jan 05, 2015

Creating a Thriving New England for All

“New Englanders living in low-income and communities of color are more deeply impacted by our current environmental challenges than society at large,” says Veronica Eady. That’s why CLF, in collaboration with community groups and residents in environmental justice communities, is working to reduce the environmental hazards that threaten public health across New England.

Protesting the biomass plant in Springfield
Nov 29, 2014

Allison Lorenc

Allison Lorenc is a Senior Policy Analyst for the Ocean Conservation Program. In this role she monitors developing regulations related to fisheries management, habitat protection, and other ocean program campaigns. She also conducts outreach to and educates ocean stakeholders on CLF’s ocean conservation initiatives. Allison began working at CLF in 2014 as the Ocean Conservation… Continue reading Allison Lorenc

Oct 01, 2014

How to Choose a Business Structure: A Decision Guide

While it does not replace good legal counsel, this Guide sets a framework to help entrepreneurs understand how different business structures can impact their criteria and goals. Though we initially intended to create a guide specifically for local food enterprises, the information and themes proved to be universal, and so we offer this industry agnostic guide.

Jul 09, 2014

Carol Gregory

Carol Gregory is the Senior Vice President of Communications and Marketing for CLF. In this role Carol develops and oversees external communication and marketing initiatives including media relations, online engagement, and development communications. Carol has more than 20 years of strategic communications, marketing, and broadcast journalism experience. Following a career in television, where she produced… Continue reading Carol Gregory

Carol Gregory headshot
Jun 05, 2014

DIY Green Infrastructure

It’s tempting to leave the problem of stormwater runoff to cities, towns, and businesses. But our houses also takes away the landscape’s ability to soak up precipitation naturally. Solutions to start greening our home landscapes, however, can be as simple as buying a rain barrel and planting a rain garden.

Jun 05, 2014

A Natural Solution

CLF and our partners are championing a new approach to managing stormwater. Green infrastructure is about trying to design our built environment in a way that restores the ability of the landscape to soak up precipitation and filter out pollutants before the runoff reaches our waterways.

Apr 05, 2014

Breaking New Ground

In 2012, CLF started questioning New Jersey–based developer Footprint Power’s proposal to build a natural-gas-fired power plant to replace Salem Harbor Station, the polluting coal-fired plant slated to close in June of 2014. Proponents argued the plant would be cleaner, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. CLF challenged those assumptions.