Aug 08, 2022

A Tale of Two Rivers

In one part of Boston, there’s the Charles River. In another, the Mystic. Both were once heavily polluted. But where the Charles has become the poster child of environmental success, the Mystic tells a different tale – one that exposes a region divided along racial and economic lines. 

Charles River and Mystic River
Aug 07, 2022

U.S. Senate Passes Groundbreaking Climate Bill

“It’s no coincidence that this bill is moving forward at a time when large swaths of the country are baking in yet another heatwave,” said CLF President Bradley Campbell. “The IRA will help us slash emissions and bolster the country’s clean energy efforts to respond to the climate crisis at our doorsteps. However, this bill still doesn’t get us to where we need to be, so state action to reduce emissions is going to be critical in the years ahead.” 

Aug 03, 2022

MBTA to Shut Down Orange Line for 30 Days

“Completely shutting down the Orange Line for 30 days is unacceptable,” said Staci Rubin, Vice President of Environmental Justice at CLF. “It’s awful that the T has failed to maintain tracks and infrastructure for so long that it now warrants a monthlong shutdown. Replacement buses will more than double travel times, disrupting the lives of hundreds of thousands of riders. At the very least, the T must implement bus lanes for the entire length of the route and run more frequent commuter rail service.”

Jul 29, 2022

Federal Proposal Aims to Protect Endangered Right Whales From Ship Strikes

“Given the glacial pace of new right whale protections over the last decade, immediately curtailing the second biggest threat to their existence would be a game-changer,” said Erica Fuller, senior attorney at Conservation Law Foundation. “This proposed rule is a major step forward, but there’s a five-month gap in protection south of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket that should be addressed. Federal officials must now get these protections in place on the water as quickly as possible and effectively enforce them.”

Jul 22, 2022

Maggie Nivison

Maggie Nivison is a Staff Attorney in CLF’s Boston office, where she works in the Climate Accountability and Strategic Litigation programs.  Prior to joining CLF, Maggie served as a Legal Fellow at the ACLU of Massachusetts.  She then worked for the National Environmental Law Center where she litigated cases against Fortune 500 companies violating federal… Continue reading Maggie Nivison

Jul 22, 2022

Greg Polzer

Greg Polzer is CLF’s Grants and Finance Manager. Greg works closely with the finance department by providing financial analysis, offering pre- and post-award support, and doing budgeting. Greg is a founding member of the Providence Gay Flag Football League. The league provides a safe space for the LGBTQA+ community to play competitive flag football in… Continue reading Greg Polzer

Jul 22, 2022

Mass. Legislature Passes Climate Bill

“This bill includes some important steps forward in limiting biomass subsidies and supporting the offshore wind industry,” said Caitlin Peale Sloan, Vice President of CLF Massachusetts. “However, there’s a lot of room for improvement when it comes to environmental justice. The state needs to take a stronger stand in protecting these communities from air pollution, creating access to an electrified commuter rail, and our leaders must do more to equitably phase out fossil fuels once and for all. We’ll continue our push to make these critical changes a reality in the next session.”

Jul 20, 2022

Shame on the House’s Kraft land grab

The economic development bill passed by the House of Representatives presents the latest case-in-point.  Quietly tucked into the bill was an amendment that would exempt an enormous parcel of land in Everett from state laws that govern waterfront development and protect the public trust.