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Attempt to undermine RGGI fails
by Seth Kaplan

RGGI, the regional program to regulate emissions of Carbon Dioxide (the primary pollutant causing global warming) from power plants, like all sophisticated auctions and markets can only function if critical “insider” information is kept confidential.

Green Collar Jobs Growing in Maine
by Jane West

The nation’s debt crisis has been captivating lawmakers in recent weeks and they are grasping at anything that will help their respective positions, including last month’s bleak jobs report that reflected a creeping rise in unemployment to 9.2%.

Best (and Worst) of the Beaches
by Cynthia Liebman

It’s July 4. As you head out to your favorite swimming spot, consider this: While New England is home to many clean, scenic beaches, the sad truth is that hundreds of beach closures occurred in 2010 across the New England states.