Jan 28, 2016

New Hampshire

With its weathered White Mountains, stunning lakes, rivers, and coast, historic villages and thriving urban centers, New Hampshire offers an unparalleled quality of life – and it’s a place we’re proud to call home.

New Hampshire conservation
Sep 05, 2015

Redefining Open Space

Beneath the waves are seascapes as diverse and breathtaking as anything found on land. Yet only a fraction of our ocean is protected worldwide. We make the case for protecting vital seascapes like Cashes Ledge, so that our ocean can survive and thrive for generations to come.

Sep 05, 2015

5 Questions for Dr. Sylvia Earle

In August 2015, conservationist and oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle launched a dive expedition to Cashes Ledge, the underwater mountain range 80 miles off the coast of Portland. We asked Dr. Earle about the need to protect Cashes Ledge and why she has designated it one of her “Hope Spots.”

Jul 08, 2015

Conservation Matters Summer 2015

Defending the Charles: Closing the Clean Water Gap and Making All Polluters Pay… Progress Report: Childhood Lead Poisoning in New Hampshire… Why I Give: CLF Massachusetts’ Board Member Chi Ho Sham… Five Questions For: Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Jun 05, 2015

Childhood Lead Poisoning

Lead was removed from our gasoline and paint decades ago. But the problem of lead poisoning in children has not gone away. Many New England houses and apartment buildings were built before the 1978 lead-paint ban – as that paint deteriorates or is disturbed, children’s health is put at risk.

Apr 05, 2015

Building Healthy Neighborhoods

Today, record numbers of Americans suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes and asthma, which are strongly influenced by their neighborhood and environmental conditions. At the same time, traditional sources of public funding for development are drying up, making the vision of a healthy community harder to realize.

Apr 05, 2015

Funding on the Move

Cars, trucks, and buses are the largest and fastest-growing contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, states are struggling to maintain public transit infrastructure, highways, and bridges in the face of scant funding and skyrocketing costs. These problems, though far-reaching, have solutions, though finding them will take investment, political will, and tenacity.

Apr 05, 2015

Making Room for All the Fish (and More) in the Sea

In New England, the ocean is an integral part of our lives, economy, and communities. But today, our need for the ocean’s resources is growing. So New England is leading the way in creating the country’s first regional ocean plan to balance ocean protection with responsible development.