Three Things You Can Do Today to Help Stop Invenergy’s Polluting Fossil-Fuel Power Plant

Jerry Elmer

Update 1/6/15: Our online action alert makes it even easier to contact Rhode Island leaders and tell them to stop the Invenergy plant. Take action now!

One day after the Rhode Island Energy Facility Siting Board (EFSB) opened a Docket to consider whether or not to grant Invenergy the necessary permit for its proposed natural-gas-fired power plant, Conservation Law Foundation intervened in the Docket to legally oppose the plant.

As of this writing, CLF is the only organization in the EFSB proceeding to oppose this $700 million fossil-fuel boondoggle.

But CLF cannot stop this plant alone. Here are three things that you can do to help ensure that Invenergy does not get the permit it needs to build a new carbon-emitting power plant – one that, even Invenergy admits, could last for 40 years!

1. Let Rhode Island’s political leaders know you oppose the Invenergy plant! Legal pressure and political pressure will both be needed if we are to stop the Invenergy plant from being built.

  • Send an to e-mail Governor Raimondo. Tell her that you oppose construction of a new fossil-fueled power plant in Rhode Island because: climate change is real, and building this plant will make it impossible for the state to ever meet its carbon-emission-reduction goals; Rhode Island has no capacity shortage, and we don’t need a new plant to keep the lights on; Invenergy’s claim that ratepayers will save $280 million in three years if this unnecessary plant goes forward is simply not true.

2. Ask your friends to do the same thing! Click here to send e-mail to as many friends as you like, telling them that you have written to Rhode Island’s political leaders to oppose the Invenergy plant, and asking them to do the same thing.

3. Become a member of CLF and help us fight Invenergy at the EFSB. Your joining CLF helps us two different ways. First, your membership dues provide us with the financial resources to fight environmental battles in the courts, the legislature, and administrative agencies (like the EFSB). Second – and equally important – it is through our members that CLF attains legal standing to bring these environmental lawsuits.

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