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Community Voices: A Message to ExxonMobil
by Conservation Law Foundation

Roseann Bongiovanni is a lifelong Chelsea resident who has led significant environmental justice campaigns for more than 21 years. She is the Executive Director of GreenRoots, Inc., an organization dedicated to achieving environmental and climate justice for Chelsea. Growing up in Chelsea and neighboring Everett, many in our community, myself included, never realized we were…

Conservation Matters Articles
Web of Deceit
by Laurie O'Reilly

Holding ExxonMobil Accountable for Its Decades of Climate Denial On January 9, 2006, residents of the Mystic River communities of Chelsea and Everett awoke to find the foul odor of diesel hanging in the air and the river covered in a blue-green sheen. Clearly, one of the local industries that dominate the shores of the…

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Local Residents Call on ExxonMobil to Release Climate Preparedness Plan

“A company that literally rakes in billions in profits each month should not be allowed to transfer the risks and costs associated with an oil spill to people living in the surrounding area,” said CLF President Bradley Campbell. “We filed suit against ExxonMobil to ensure that such a disaster doesn’t happen for what would be the second time in the company’s history at this location.”

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Exxon Shows True Colors in Response to Mystic River Suit

“In a move straight from ExxonMobil’s standard playbook, the corporation has again chosen a smoke-and-mirrors approach to distract from the truth,” said CLF president Bradley Campbell. “ExxonMobil’s express indifference to the Mystic River and the communities that line its banks rehearses the corporation’s longstanding culture of disregard for public safety, from Alaska’s Prince William Sound to Boston Harbor. That their lead counsel also authored the Big Tobacco deceit on cancer and cigarettes makes the outrage of ExxonMobil’s response even starker.”

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CLF Files First-in-Nation Lawsuit Over ExxonMobil Climate Cover-Up

“For more than three decades, ExxonMobil has devoted its resources to deceiving the public about climate science while using its knowledge about climate change to advance its business operations,” said CLF president Bradley Campbell. “Communities were put in danger and remain in danger, all to cut costs for one of the most profitable corporations in the world. It’s time to make Exxon answer for decades of false statements to the public and to regulators and ensure that its Everett facility meets its legal obligation to protect thousands of people and the Boston Harbor estuary from toxic water pollution.”

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CLF Takes on Rampant Water Pollution at Pease International

Zak Griefen, CLF’s Environmental Enforcement Litigator, commented, “Stormwater runoff is one of the greatest threats to Great Bay and our seacoast communities, yet the Pease Development Authority has gone unchecked while pouring toxic chemicals into these already-endangered waters. That stops today. When anyone threatens the health of water, our wildlife and our people, they must be forced to answer for that neglect.”

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CLF Announces Historic Settlement on Johnston Landfill

“Landfills produce gases that must be controlled in order to avoid risks to the health and wellbeing of surrounding communities,” said CLF attorney Max Greene. “Today’s agreement goes a long way toward enhancing gas generation and collection at Central Landfill in Johnston. By harnessing the gas for electricity generation and preventing it from escaping into the atmosphere, we protect our neighborhoods for generations to come.”

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In Enormous Abuse of Power, House Republicans Target AG Healey

“When a corporation spends over 40 years deceiving its shareholders, the public, and the government while putting countless communities in harm’s way, law enforcement leaders like Attorney General Maura Healey have not just the right but the responsibility to investigate whether our laws have been broken,” said CLF president Bradley Campbell. “Chairman Smith has sullied the venerable House Science Committee, corruptly using his office to coddle campaign donor ExxonMobil and other lawbreakers.”

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CLF Applauds Proposed Censure of Fossil Fuel Companies’ Deceit

“Corporations like ExxonMobil have spent decades using the same playbook as Big Tobacco to cover up the enormous societal harm brought on by the products they’re peddling,” said CLF president Bradley Campbell. “It’s time for our leaders to hold them accountable and to stand up for communities across the country already facing significant public safety and economic hazards from the impacts of climate change. We applaud Representative Lieu and Senator Whitehouse for bringing this issue to the forefront, and we’re confident that, even in the face of these companies’ multi-million dollar lobbyists, the truth on our side will ultimately win the day.”