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Pioneering Ocean Planning

Ocean Planning: The Path Forward for Deepwater Wind
by Tricia Jedele

Thomas Edison, in his quest to produce a reliable, long-lasting source of light said, “Hell, there are no rules here, we’re trying to accomplish something.” As environmental advocates we are constantly battling against this idea that rules and process delay progress and chill innovation. As advocates for ocean planning, we have argued that just the…

Press Releases
Northeast Regional Planning Body Meeting to Develop Ocean Plan for New England Wednesday and Thursday, January 22 & 23
by Jason Shemenski

Representatives from New England states, federal government, tribal nations, the fishing industry, recreational boaters, offshore renewable energy developers, conservationists and others will convene for a two-day meeting to continue development of the Northeast Regional Ocean Plan. Among the important topics that will help to decide the future management of New England’s ocean and coasts are the Plan Framework and Workplan goals, objectives, and actions. Topics will include measures needed to ensure healthy coastal and ocean ecosystems, improved decision making about ocean uses, stakeholder engagement around ocean planning and an in-depth discussion of elements of the two year Draft Workplan designed to produce an ocean plan for New England’s ocean waters. Each day, members of the public will have the opportunity to offer formal public comment and provide input on specific aspects of the Draft Workplan.

Congress Can Let New England States Plan for Future Storms, or Not
by Sean Cosgrove

A little over a year ago Superstorm Sandy barreled up the east coast and wreaked havoc on coastal communities and in many states inland. The impacts were notably fierce in New Jersey and areas in and around New York City, but Rhode Island and other states also suffered serious impacts. Homes, businesses and the local…

A Climate of Change and the Need for a Plan
by Robin Just

Flipping through the latest issue of Commercial Fisheries News recently, I was somewhat surprised to find several stories about climate change interspersed with the ads for diesel engines and winches. These articles weren’t of the “Do you or don’t you believe” variety, or predictions of how high the seas would rise or how bad the…

New England’s Ocean Planning Body is Taking Your Comments
by Robin Just

This summer New England took another big step toward regional ocean planning as the newly minted Northeast Regional Planning Body (RPB) held 10 public meetings to get feedback on set of goals they have drafted. See our previous blogs for a discussion of the draft goals and how the planning process in New England is…

Hear What New Englanders are Saying about Ocean Planning – then Get Involved!
by Robin Just

We are in the throes of a first-in-the-nation regional ocean planning process, and we need you to join those who are already taking part. The Northeast Regional Planning Body (RPB) is holding a series of public meetings throughout New England (find one near you here) to tell people what’s going on in ocean planning and to find out what your questions and comments are about the goals that they have developed, and their potential actions and outcomes. This process is much more effective and meaningful when people who care about the management of our ocean and coasts get involved.

NEOAN Works to Keep New England’s Ocean Plan on Track
by Jennifer Felt

New England Ocean Action Network (NEOAN)  was founded on the belief that improved management of our ocean and coasts will provide substantial benefits to all ocean users. This is why our membership is so diverse. We have fishermen, surfers, environmental groups, aquariums, and renewable energy industry representatives, all working together to promote regional ocean planning.…