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New England States Forge Ahead on Climate Action Despite Supreme Court’s Stay of Clean Power Plan

Yesterday, the Supreme Court sided with Big Coal and other climate polluters when it put a hold on President Obama’s historic Clean Power Plan. But this is just a temporary setback for meaningful federal action on climate change. The good news is that the Clean Power Plan has only been put on hold; it hasn’t been overturned altogether.

We’re confident that the courts will ultimately uphold the Clean Power Plan in the face of the legal challenges currently being stacked up against it – and when they do, our country will be back on track to slash greenhouse gas emissions and prevent even more damage to our climate.

The DC Circuit will expedite its evaluation of the Rule beginning this spring, and we can assure you that CLF won’t be putting its work to curb greenhouse gas emissions on hold. We’re continuing to defend the Clean Power Plan and our work to move New England – and, by extension, the entire country – beyond dirty fossil fuels and towards a future built on clean, affordable, and homegrown energy sources.

New England is already a national leader in cutting carbon pollution. Through our participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), New England states are decreasing their carbon emissions from electric power plants every year – independent of any federal requirements. What’s more, the region is reinvesting proceeds from the program into improving energy efficiency and speeding up the deployment of renewable energy technologies. The New England states’ ongoing commitments under RGGI not only place our region at the forefront of climate action, but also drive significant economic benefits throughout the region.

CLF was deeply involved in the passage of RGGI and we continue to play a key role in its success. Even as we work at the regional level to impact climate action, we’re also fighting on the ground in communities across New England to shut down dirty coal plants (only four remain in the region), block expensive and unnecessary new natural gas pipelines – like the massive one proposed by oil giant Kinder Morgan – and stand up against new natural gas power plants.

We’re not just saying no to bad ideas that rely on outdated, dirty fuels, however. We’re saying yes to clean affordable wind and solar power and other clean energy projects that create jobs, boost our economy, and ensure a better future for our families and children.

If the polluters who insist on challenging the Clean Power Plan hope to remain relevant into the future, they should follow New England’s lead by investing in emerging clean energy sources, rather than clinging to dirty, out-of-date fuels through their short-sighted, protracted litigation.

You can help CLF’s fight for New England’s clean energy future by becoming a member today. By donating to CLF, you become a critical partner in our work to defend New England’s environment for all.



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