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Joint Statement in Response to the MA DEP’s Recommended Final Decision on the Air Permit Appeal Regarding Palmer Renewable Energy Biomass Plant in Springfield, MA
by Ben Carmichael

BOSTON, MA November 30, 2011 – Conservation Law Foundation, Arise for Social Justice, and Toxics Action Center today issued the following joint statement in response to the Massachusetts DEP’s recommended final decision on the air permit appeal for Palmer Renewable Energy’s proposed biomass-fueled Power Plant in Springfield, MA.

When is a Parking Space not a Parking Space?
by Rafael Mares

Less than five years ago, in response to a CLF lawsuit, Massachusetts committed to building one thousand new “park and ride” parking spaces in the Commonwealth. The idea was to put the parking spaces near public transportation, making it easy for people to ride rather than drive to their destinations. The commitment was intended to…

Obama’s stance on clean air standards leaves us breathless
by Seth Kaplan

It is difficult to describe the depths of disappointment inspired by  the decision of the President to order the withdrawal of the draft standards for “ground level ozone” – a pollutant that causes massive harm to the public health, causing special harm to the elderly and children. The public health medical and advocacy communities have…

A Hearty Thank You to EPA from New England: We will breathe easier now
by N. Jonathan Peress

The Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (“CSAPR”), released today by EPA, is designed to reduce ozone and particulate (, soot) emissions from power plants in the upwind states to our west that cause death and sickness in the states receiving those emissions, like the New England states (known to some as the “tailpipe of the nation”).