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Thirty Years of Overfishing
by Ashira Morris

For the past 30 years, headline after headline has documented the decline of Atlantic cod. For the entire period of time, it’s been the same story over and over again: poor management, not enough protected areas, fewer and fewer cod.

A False Choice: Northern Pass Isn’t the Only Option
by Christophe Courchesne

As New England considers its energy future, some have heard the sales pitch for the Northern Pass project and have uncritically accepted the hype—lower carbon emissions, reliable power, and energy savings. This week at a series of federal public meetings (continuing tonight in Whitefield and concluding tomorrow night in Colebrook), many Granite Staters are telling…

This Week on – September 24-28
by Leah Fine

This week on Talking Fish, the Boston Globe and the New York Times have both missed opportunities to talk about the real issues facing groundfish in New England; Ben Martens of the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association explains why opening the groundfish closed areas to fishing is a risk that’s not worth taking; catch up on the actions of the New England Fishery Management Council and other New England fishing happenings with the weekly Fish Talk in the News.

Logan Airport Silver Line Service: A Test For More to Come?
by Rafael Mares

The Boston Globe yesterday reported on the fact that Silver Line buses between the Airport and South Station will be free starting tomorrow for a period of at least ninety days. You are probably wondering how the MBTA can afford giving away rides. Isn’t the T still staring a $161 million operating budget deficit for FY13…

NU/NStar & FERC Order 1000: Our Shared Energy Future
by John Kassel

A few weeks ago I attended a conference in Washington, DC that brought together environmental groups from all over the country. In speaking with my colleagues, I was reminded of how this country is a patchwork quilt: each of us brought a unique set of challenges, a strong independent sense of identity, and solutions to…

Winterless Wonderland: Help Protect New England’s Winters
by John Kassel

People are drawn to New England to live, work and play for its climate: its warm summers, stunning falls and picture perfect winter landscapes, suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities. Walk down the halls of our states offices and you’ll see signs of that passion right here at home: people wearing ski vests, pictures of people snow shoeing, cabins nestled into densely fallen snow. If our climate changes – which the IPCC and others have repeatedly demonstrated it will – then New England will be a very different region than the one we all have come to know and to love.

Jeff Jacoby is in denial . . .
by Seth Kaplan

I finally got around to posting a blog entry about the latest report by the International Energy Agency about the terrible trajectory that our species is putting the planet’s climate but then I saw that Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby had weighed in with good news.